Emory Report
November 2, 2009
Volume 62, Number 9


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November 2, 2009
A resource for access, equity and inclusion

Michelle Meyers is director of Equal Opportunity Programs.

First, I want to thank the many members of the Emory community who have extended such a warm welcome to me since I arrived in October as director of Equal Opportunity Programs. I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming weeks and months. I am excited to be part of Emory’s enduring effort to create community and advance diversity and to work across campus with others engaged in this important work.

EOP protects historical, legal and ethical principles of openness and non-discrimination while advancing a broad vision of inclusion in which all members of the Emory community and guests are welcomed and have an opportunity to participate fully. As part of the Office of Community and Diversity we are a resource for access, equity and inclusion.

EOP has five major responsibilities:

• Community and Diversity Planning: Emory’s community and diversity efforts should be based on strategic goals and priorities. EOP assists schools, divisions and departments in designing and developing community and diversity plans that are aligned with existing institutional priorities.

• Data: Community and diversity at Emory can be described in quantitative and qualitative terms. EOP develops and distributes Emory’s Affirmative Action Plan (an analysis of the University’s workforce) and Diversity Profile (a demographic census). EOP is also working to develop additional metrics for assessing Emory’s progress with regard to community and diversity.

• Education and Professional Development: EOP designs and delivers programs that promote diversity and inclusion throughout the institution, including strategies for optimizing performance, and discrimination and harassment awareness and prevention.

• Internal Complaint Investigation: EOP is responsible for upholding Emory’s Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment Policy. We respond to inquiries about the policy and facilitate the resolution of concerns related to the policy. We investigate internal complaints to determine if policy violations have occurred.

• Search and Hire: EOP monitors Emory’s hiring processes and procedures and assists departments with recruiting and hiring practices designed to support access, equity and inclusion.

To learn more about our work, visit www.emory.edu/EEO.