Emory Report
November 23, 2009
Volume 23, Number 11


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November 23, 2009
New policy provides guidelines for sponsorship

From Staff Reports

The University has implemented a new policy restricting Emory’s sponsorship of fundraising activities by other nonprofit organizations. See policies.emory.edu for full details.

With rare exceptions, the new policy, which has been presented to the Administrative Council and approved by the President’s Cabinet, bars the use of University funds to support fundraisers by groups outside of Emory. Types of activities covered by the policy include purchase of seats or tables at banquets or dinners; sponsorship of golf tournaments, road races, or other athletic events; purchase of tickets to fashion shows or galas; or sponsorship of awards ceremonies.

The policy also applies to requests for Emory to purchase advertisements in magazines, programs, yearbooks, and other such publications; these requests must be reviewed by the Division of Communications and Marketing.

“It is critical for Emory to steward carefully the dollars that have been entrusted to us by our friends and supporters and ensure that they are directed to the University’s mission,” says Ron Sauder, vice president for communications and marketing.

A University Sponsorship Committee has been formed to consider any requests for exceptions to the policy as they may arise on a case-by-case basis. Members include the senior vice president for development and alumni relations, the vice president for communications and marketing, the vice president for governmental affairs, and representatives of the provost, the executive vice president for health affairs, and the president.
The policy does not apply to individuals who are involved in fundraising activities with other nonprofit organizations, as long as no Emory funds are used or sponsorship implied.