October 26, 2009

Nancy Seideman,
Executive Editor

Kim Urquhart, Editor

Christi Gray, Designer

Bryan Meltz, Photography Director

Leslie King, Editorial Assistant

Carol Clark, Science Writer

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kim Urquhart
Barkley Forum debaters are going paperless, building best practices for the future of intercollegiate tournament debating.

Barkley Forum a leader in debate’s paperless future
The twin forces of economic necessity and environmentally ethical citizenship compelled a comprehensive review of the practices of Emory’s intercollegiate debate team, the Barkley Forum. Click here to read the full text of this story.

Exploring Darwin’s theory in art
Highlights of the Schatten Gallery’s “Origin” exhibition include a copy of “On the Origin of Species” signed by Charles Darwin and luminous paintings by Emory lab tech Nancy Lowe.
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Book club engages with the classics
Fervent English and philosophy majors may recall many nights toiling over ideas on beauty and truth. In fact, for many the prospect of reading treatises like Plato’s “Republic” seems,
if not an outright laborious feat, slightly intimidating.
The Carlos Museum’s new series of book club discussions called “Carlos Reads” might be a breath of fresh air.
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