Emory Report
September 14, 2009
Volume 62, Number 3


Other ways to make forward strides with Emory

Faculty and staff have several options to give back by donating or participating in these Emory-supported events this fall:

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation: Support the Emory team in raising $15,000 for diabetes research during the Walk to Cure Diabetes on Oct. 17 at Centennial Olympic Park. To register, visit www.jdrf.org or contact team co-captains
Traci Galatas, 404-778-3701 or Patrick Hammond, 404-778-5160.

Atlanta HeartWalk:
Help Emory achieve its eighth consecutive year as Atlanta’s top fund-raising team during a 5K walk to benefit the American Heart Association on Nov. 7 at Turner Field. To register, contact lead Rebecca Migliaccio at 404-778-4476.

Think Pink: Support the Winship Cancer Institute’s Breast Cancer Research Program beginning Oct. 9 by making a donation at www.emoryathletics.com. The campaign culminates in an Emory Eagles basketball game and community celebration on Feb. 21
at WoodPEC. For more information, contact Angie Duprey at 404-727-6739.


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September 14, 2009
Walking in support of colleagues and cures

By Margie Fishman

One month to the day after discovering a lump in her breast while showering, Shawn Ware, general manager of Blomeyer Health Fitness Center, became another woman battling breast cancer.

Diagnosed in February with triple negative breast cancer, a rare and aggressive form that disproportionately affects African American women, Ware endured eight rounds of chemotherapy, three weeks — and counting — of radiation, and experienced every possible side effect. Some days, it was all she could do to wash her face and brush her teeth, after her husband carried her into the bathroom.

But Ware resolved to be a survivor for years to come. Next month, she will co-lead a team of Emory faculty and staff in a 60-mile walk over three days to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust, dedicated to fighting one of the most common causes of cancer among women in the U.S. The event coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“I felt that it was either me or the chemo, and I’m not going to allow the chemo to defeat me,” says Ware. “The walk is such a huge celebration. It’s empowering to be out there with women who have gone through this.”

The Breast Cancer 3-Day, beginning Oct. 24 at Lake Lanier, is one of several recreational events happening this fall where Emory employees can support a worthy cause, stay active and interact with their colleagues.

Among the members of Emory’s 3-Day team are walk veterans Paula Gomes, director of the Faculty Staff Assistance Program and cancer-free since 2007; her nurse and team co-captain Kate Carlson of the Winship Cancer Institute; and Gomes’ doctor, Ruth O’Regan, associate professor of hematology and medical oncology and director of the Emory Breast Center at the Winship Cancer Institute. The team is busy recruiting new members and establishing a regular training schedule. Employees who would like to register for the walk or to make a donation should visit www.the3day.org and locate the Emory Winship Cancer Institute team.

“I decided to walk to contribute to the significant research investment made by Susan G. Komen and to improve outcomes for my current and future patients,” says O’Regan, who has raised $5,000 so far by personally e-mailing her entire address book. Each 3-Day participant is required to raise at least $2,300 to support breast cancer research, treatment, prevention and education.

Gomes, who recalls a grueling first 20 miles in the rain last year, says she signed up again to support Ware and to raise awareness about the importance of regular mammograms for early detection and funding for research.

In the end, the walk draws on the strength and courage demonstrated by so many breast cancer patients during unrelenting treatments, Carlson said after last year’s walk. “They will continue to fight for themselves and for each other.”