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September 14, 2009
Volume 62, Number 3



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September 14, 2009
Apple@Emory: Devoting a day to Mac users

Alan Cattier is director of Academic Technology Services in University Technology Services.

Each year’s incoming student class measures the changing course of personal computing. This year’s seniors, when they arrived at Emory, were roughly 65 percent Microsoft Windows and 35 percent Mac OS X users. This year’s freshman were roughly 55 percent Mac OS X and 45 percent Microsoft Windows. The Mac is truly back.

In recognition of the substantially increased number of Mac users at Emory, and underscoring that the Mac at Emory is supported as an equally viable choice to the Windows platform, the Office of Information Technology is hosting an all-day event highlighting the latest in Apple software and mobility. Scheduled for Oct. 12 in Cox Hall Ballroom, Apple@Emory will feature both presentations and hands-on workshops with Apple’s latest innovations.

Prime among them will be an overview of Mac OS 10.6, code-named “Snow Leopard” that brings some key new features to Emory’s users. This latest upgrade, available for all Intel-based Macintosh computers, sets new standards in terms of energy management as well as optimized speed.

Perhaps few shifts have been as significant for Emory’s end users as the recent migration to Microsoft Exchange. Mac users were not immune to the consequences of this change and have endured some lackluster support though a Microsoft product called Entourage. In Snow Leopard, Apple introduces full Exchange integration for their mail, calendar and directory clients. Microsoft, not to be outdone, has radically revamped the internal workings of Entourage and has just introduced its new functionality. Apple@Emory will feature a shootout between the two mail clients, helping end users decide which approach they might prefer.

Perhaps no Apple technology has had a more profound mark recently than the iPhone. The keynote, sponsored by Apple, will feature Roman Cibirka of the Medical School of Georgia, speaking about the iPhone, mobility, and handheld computing in the medical sciences. Apple will be providing a limited number of iPod touch devices for users to “test drive” for the day and they will be pre-loaded with appropriate University and medical applications to explore.

Apple@Emory will also highlight the talented support specialists for Mac OS that exist across campus. At the “Ask an Expert” desk, Emory’s support specialists will answer questions regarding using the Mac, iPod or iPhone at Emory. Providing a uniquely Emory flair, campus iPhone users will be able to nominate their favorite applications for the participants of the day’s events to explore.

An afternoon demonstration will introduce the work that Emory Healthcare has accomplished with their Virtual Desktop (VDT). Using a Citrix client, Emory Healthcare now provides a nearly seamless experience of the Mac and Windows environment through the VDT.

On Oct. 13 there will be a special IT Tech Track focusing on Snow Leopard, Open Directory, and Mac Lab Management. There will also be special faculty workshops in ECIT focusing on iLife 09, including podcasting and capturing your class.

Apple@Emory is a day dedicated to Emory’s Mac users. It will be both timely and hands-on, and may prove instrumental to getting the most of your Mac (or iPhone).

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