Campus News

August 30, 2010

Disoriented? There's a map for that!

Whether you are new to Emory or have been here a few years, navigating campus can sometimes be an overwhelming task. With a grant from the Urban Land Institute, Emory’s Office of Sustainability Initiatives has created an online sustainability map that allows students, employees and visitors to explore campus from many perspectives.

The sustainability map offers those walking, biking and wheeling around campus a central place to locate campus dining halls, ATMs, historical markers, educational food gardens, LEED buildings or to find information to take self-guided public arts, civil rights or tree specimen tours.

“The map is a great way to discover campus,” says Amee Amin, a senior in global health. “I’ve used it to locate Cliff shuttle routes around campus and to see how long it will take me to get from point A to B.” 

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