September 17, 2010


A mystery at Macchu Picchu

A newly discovered site within the Machu Picchu sanctuary of Peru is adding to the knowledge and mystery of the Incan civilization.

In a talk and slideshow Sept. 15 at the Carlos Museum, Peruvian anthropologist, archeologist and shaman Theo Paredes discussed his discovery of Kantupata.

This small citadel in the cloud forest was hidden by the jungle until 2005 when Paredes became the first to explore it in 200 years.

Kantupata’s Incan architecture supports the “Andean Cosmic Vision,” Paredes said, with “upper, middle and lower” worlds that correspond to the realms of “thinking, telling and being.”

“The designs of Kantupata and other sacred sites show the understanding of the interconnectedness between man and the environment,” Paredes explained, “utilizing the natural topography of the land” as an expression of harmony.

“The Incas built on the natural shape of the Earth,” he says, instead of leveling or flooding because that keeps the flow of energy.

Paredes described how “terraces are another example of perfect utilization with nature where the slopes of the mountains are shaped with stones to prevent erosion and expand the farming area.

“Kantupata is not just another citadel close to Macchu Picchu. It is an open book filled with ancient wisdom of how to live in harmony with nature. Today we call this way of existence sustainable living.”  

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