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November 17, 2010

Take Note

Promoting a dialogue around breast health awareness

Emory Healthcare, the Emory Breast Center and the Winship Cancer Institute are partnering on a multifaceted effort to educate patients about the importance of breast health year-round.

“October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but that doesn’t mean we have to limit awareness to one month of the year,” says Ruth O’Regan, medical director of the Emory Breast Center. “One in eight women will be affected by breast cancer in her lifetime.

“To keep breast cancer awareness and breast health top of mind, we’ve created a breast health center web site.  We’re inviting web visitors to send us their stories and breast health awareness tips as part of Emory Healthcare’s health blog to draw attention to an important cause.”

Win basketball tickets

To help promote an open dialogue around breast health awareness, Emory Healthcare is encouraging visitors to submit their words of inspiration and advice for keeping breast health top of mind on the new breast health site, which includes an opportunity to win tickets to a local sporting event.

Two contributors will be randomly selected to win tickets to the upcoming University of Connecticut vs. Georgia Tech women’s basketball game, an event that also keeps women’s health top of mind. The hope, says O’Regan, is that readers will contribute advice and feedback on an ongoing basis regardless of the incentive in an effort to help women around the world.

“Achieving year-round awareness of breast cancer and breast health requires a commitment to patient education and involvement. We intend to continue to provide thorough resources and relevant topics related to women’s health on Emory Healthcare’s breast health web site,” says O’Regan.

For more details, visit Emory Healthcare’s cancer blog and contest site.

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