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Vendors & Services

RHA partners with several off-campus vendors to provide services and products to Emory students. RHA conducts a vendor selection process each year to make sure that the vendors we endorse offer quality products and customer satisfaction. The following is a current list of vendors and is meant to serve as recommendations:

University Laundry :: University Laundry offers a laundry and dry cleaning service for students with busy schedules. Help your student reduce the time spent on laundry, and increase the time spent on their studies or elsewhere! Students who use University Laundry are grateful for the extra time and convenience!

website | www.universitylaundry.com
phone | 1.888.590.WASH (1.888.590.9274)

Collegiate Concepts, Inc. :: Collegiate Concepts offers Emory-approved MicroFridges and bed loft kits. MicroFridges are combination microwave / refrigerator units; they are the only way to have a microwave in an Emory residence hall room. MicroFridges will be delivered and picked up from students' rooms, making it a convenient alternative to buying, transporting, and storing one. Students may find that lofting their bed is a convenient way to make their room more spacious so they can arrange and define their room easily. New this year, Collegiate Concepts is also offering a freestanding small safe where students can store their valuables and even charge electronics while keeping them safe!

website | http://www.collegefridge.com/emory
phone | 1.888.929.0806

Residence Hall Linens :: Residence Hall Linens offers matching linen sets (extra-long twin sheets, comforters, towels) and storage items for the college student. Their Value Pack has everything you need for campus living. Spend your time searching for residence hall room accessories, not linens!

website | http://www.rhl.org/emu
phone | 1.800.957.4338

Care Packages :: Collegiate Welcome Care Package programs help parents and families connect with their students during critical times of year (such as exam periods, holidays) or really – whenever they feel like it! Proceeds from purchasing their packages are used for student leadership opportunities and programming on campus. Be sure to check out the healthy packages, special diet and gluten-free care package options.

website | http://www.ocm.com/EMU/carepackages/
phone | 1.877.942.7887

UPS Store :: The UPS Store offers nearby storage of students' belongings during the summer in addition to in-room pickup and delivery. UPS store also offers inbound shipping, storage and delivery for incoming first year students.

website | www.theupsstorelocal.com/1096
phone | 404.982.9584