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Residence Life

For more information about the Residence Hall Director - Fellow, Resident Advisor, Sophomore Advisor, or Student Assistant positions (summer and academic year), contact:

Kayla Hamilton, Associate Director for Residence Life
Phone: 404.727.4265
Email: kayla.hamilton@emory.edu

University Conferences

For more information about summer University Conferences positions, contact:

Sherry Ebrahimi, Director of University Conferences
Phone: 404.727.0429
Email: sherry.ebrahimi@emory.edu

Student Activity & Academic Center (SAAC)

For more information about SAAC positions, contact:

Timber Hines, Associate Director of SAAC
Phone: 404.712.2435
Email: saac@emory.edu

Summer Positions

Information about summer positions become available in the spring. Please contact the following individuals regarding the following positions.

Commencement Housing Assistant
Kyle Griffith, Complex Director
Phone: 404.727.5598
Email: kyle.griffith@emory.edu

Pre-College / ACE / CPI
Judith Pannell, Assistant Director - SYE
Phone: 404.712.5060
Email: judith.pannell@emory.edu

Summer School
Annie Herold, Complex Director
Phone: 404.727.8830
Email: anne.herold@emory.edu

Josh Gilbert, Coordinator
Phone: 404.712.8221
Email: joshua.b.gilbert@emory.edu