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Social Innovation is the intersection of entrepreneurship, social justice, and societal change. This theme, while salient because of its presence in the news, is at the historical core of a liberal arts education. At Emory, we strive to enable our students to develop an understanding of justice, exploring the inequities that stymie progress, and understanding the realities of marginalized communities. But we don’t stop there, and we seek to empower our students with the tools necessary to make socially beneficial change, and develop the leadership skillset that will provide our students and their communities life long dividends.

At Raoul Hall, the newest residence hall at Emory University, we are pioneering a living learning community themed around Social Innovation. Residents will attend programming to identify social issues that speak to them, and match these interests to practical skills to gain richer understanding and the tools to begin working on their goals. Skillsets will include public speaking, team dynamics, data analysis and presentation skills.

A subset of the residents, who will apply for special designation, will live in a programmatic hall where they will work together on a real life social justice or social entrepreneurship project.  These students will be guided by a graduate student, who will facilitate a one-to-three hour a week interactive session and workshops. By the end of the year, these students will have worked on a meaningful project that speaks to their passions and makes a real difference.

Students will apply to live in Raoul Hall beginning April 1, 2016.

Inspire. Ignite. Impact. How will you make a difference?