Faculty-in-Residence Program

Residing at Clairmont Campus, four regular, full-time faculty members engage students through ongoing programs and interactions. Faculty In Residence (FIRs), selected through an application process, offer a program series based on topics that enrich the residential experience. Field trips, speakers, and open discussions provide opportunities for FIRs to live and to learn with students.

Faculty members interested the Faculty-in-Residence Program should contact Dr. Frank Gaertner,Programming and Learning Initiatives, at 404.727.1695 or fgaertn@emory.edu.

Current Faculty in Residence

» Bridging Academics, Service, and Ethics - Dr. Safiya George Dalmida
Bridging Academics, Service, and Ethics at Emory (or BASE) is located in the Clairmont Campus Undergraduate Residential Center. The goal for the group of 28 undergraduate students and a faculty advisor and his/her family living together for the school year is to build upperclassman community living by integrating social and intellectual life...[more]

BASE is currently led by Dr. Safiya George Dalmida from the School of Nursing...[more]

» Living with the Arts - Anna Leo
The Living with the Arts theme hall brings faculty and residents together to envision and create a vibrant and diverse artistic community. Through arts soirees, dinners, and lively discussions at the advisor's home, the community shares their artisitic work, aspirations, and ideas about the arts.

Anna Leo is an associate professor in the Dance Program, and holds an MFA in Choreography from The Ohio State University. Prior to teaching at Emory, she taught at Ohio Wesleyan University and Kenyon College, and studied and performed in New York City. Her research interests include contemporary modern dance choreography that often embraces the use of already existing structures (such as poetic forms) to create dance pieces, and the inter-cutural connection between yoga postures and western dance technique concepts. Her teaching areas include modern and ballet techniques, dance history, and dance composition.

» Maintaining an Active Lifestyle - Dr. Patrick Cafferty
Dr. Patrick Cafferty is a Lecturer in the Departments of Biology and Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology. He earned his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Currently, Dr. Cafferty teaches courses in introductory biology and human physiology. His interest in human physiology originates from his athletics background that includes competing in cycling races and triathlons. As a faculty-in-residence, Dr. Cafferty aims to share his life-long athletics interests with students by encouraging regular physical activity in a fun, supportive, and relaxed environment.

» Work/Life/Balance - Dr. Matthew Weinschenk
Dr. Weinschenk's Work/Life/Balance theme brings residents and faculty together with the goal of enriching students' educational experiences at Emory by nourishing their thirst for academic excellence, while also providing programming to strike a proper balance with non-academic pursuits. Dine with faculty, volunteer in the community, seek imrpomptu advice, or take fieldtrips to famous Atlanta locales only really known by the locals.

Dr. Matthew Weinschenk, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Yale University, with a specialization in solid-state physical organic chemistry. Upon his graduation in 1999, Matthew came to Emory University with a keen interest in developing a popular, yet rigorous Organic Chemistry classroom experience for Emory undergraduates. He is also interested in experimenting with new pedagogies and classroom technologies to enhance learning outcomes. He typically teaches large sections of Organic Chemistry, but has also taught Biochemistry, the Analysis of Ancient Art, Advanced Organic Chemistry, and a senior capsone elective Perspectives in Chemistry.

Past Faculty in Residence

» Bridging Academics, Service, and Ethics

Dr. Tracy McGill (2009-2014)
Dr. Alexander Escobar (2006-2008)
Maureen Sweatman (2005-06)
Dr. Arri Eisen (2003-2005)

» Livable Cities: Environmental Sustainability & Urban Living - Dr. Tom Burns
For the past three years, Dr. Burns and his wife have directed a monthly dinner-seminar series with additional outings at Clairmont Campus around the theme of "Livable Cities: Environmental Sustainability and Urban Living". Participation in the seminar and related field trips is open to all residents of the campus...

Tom Burns is the Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of History. Currently, he is engaged in a project designed to illuminate some of the general factors in the decline of the ancient city by comparing the changing relationship between urban centers and their rural hinterlands in two quite distinct regions...[more]

» Futures of Knowledge - Dr. Michael Elliott (2007-2010)
Michael Elliott is a professor of English, specializing in the literature and culture of the United States from the mid-nineteenth to early twentieth century. He, his wife, and two children lead the Futures of Knowledge program at Clairmont Campus...[more]

» Health and Healing - Drs. Ron and Kate Barrett (2009)
Ron Barrett is a medical anthropologist and registered nurse.  He teaches in the Department of Anthropology and School of Nursing.  His interests include the social aspects of infectious diseases, religious healing, and decisionmaking at the end of life.  Kate Barrett is a cultural and medical anthropologist in the School of Nursing and Department of Anthropology.  Her interests include child welfare and maltreatment, adolescent well-being, and women's health.

» Dr. Jack Zupko (2009-2010)

» Center for International Living - Dr. Paul Courtright
The Center for International Living (CIL) provides an intellectual and social experience for Emory juniors and seniors living at Clairmont Campus who have interests in international topics and cultures...[more]

CIL is directed by Paul and Peggy Courtright who live at the end of the corridor adjacent to the CIL apartments. Paul Courtright is a professor in the Department of Religion with research and teaching interestson India and comparative religion. Peggy Courtright is an attorney in practice in Decatur with specialization in family law...[more]

» Sex and Sexuality - Dr. Irene Browne (2010-2014)
Dr. Irene Browne is an Associate Professor in the Sociology Department with a joint appointment in Women’s Studies.  She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in 1991. Her general research areas include stratification, gender, work and occupations, and immigration.  Her current research interests include labor market equality; intersections of race, gender and class; discrimination and Latino immigration in Georgia.