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Current Faculty Involved

The following faculty members are current participants in our Living-Learning Communities, either as live-on resident faculty, or as advisors to our programs.

Faculty In Residence at Clairmont Campus
Dr. Irene Brown, Associate Professor of Sociology (Sex & Sexuality)
Dr. Patrick Cafferty, Lecturer - Biology/NBB (Maintaining an Active Lifestyle)
Anna Leo, Associate Professor of Dance (Living with the Arts)
Dr. Tracy McGill, Senior Instructor of Biology (Bridging Academics Service & Ethics)

Faculty Associates for FYE Living-Learning Communities
Dr. John Wegner, Chief Environmental Officer (Living Green)
Professor Sheila Teft, Senior Lecturer - Journalism (Citizenship)
Dr. Michael Elliott, Associate Professor - English (Global Cultures)

Faculty Members on the Living-Learning Community Advisory Board
Dr. Bobbi Patterson, Senior Instructor of Religion
Dr. Arri Eisen, Senior Instructor of Biology