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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about our programs? Below is a list of frequently asked questions by our students, parents, faculty, and staff.

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Theme Communities

What is a theme community?
Theme communities are residentially-based programs that link academic and residential life through an interdisciplinary theme. These communities take learning outside of the classroom and into the residence hall. It brings practical application to students' lives through intentional programming and academic resources. Faculty associates participate in the community through teaching courses linked to the theme, leading PACE groups, or just hosting social events on the hall to get to know the students.

What do I have to do be a part of a theme community?
There are different options for first-year, second-year, and upperclass students. As a member of the freshman class living on-campus, you are automatically a member of the First Year at Emory program. Second-year students have the opportunity to participate in either Second Year at Emory or apply to be a part of a specific themed community. Upperclassmen wishing to participate in a living-learning community are required to fill out an application for the particular community they wish to join. There will be a couple of questions that help us understand what your interests are and how this community can foster those interests.

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First Year at Emory

What is the First Year at Emory program?
As a first-year student living on campus, you are a part of the First Year at Emory program (FYE). From Pre-Major Advising Connections at Emory (PACE) to Freshman Semiformal, FYE programs offer you academic and social opportunities that help your transition to Emory in the first year.

Does it cost extra to participate in FYE?
No, there are no extra housing costs related to participation. Every first-year student enjoys the resources and opportunities of FYE through living in a residence hall.

What do I get out of FYE?
The FYE program gives you a chance to get to know the campus, your professors, and your fellow hallmates. FYE offers unique programming throughout campus and in the comfort of your residence hall. Your Residence Life staff works to make your FYE experience the best on campus!

What are some programs that FYE will offer?
Whether you are trying to figure what to do this weekend or what major to choose, FYE offers numerous programs ranging from hall dinners to in-hall academic advising. Additionally, FYE offers selective communities based around themes such as Citizenship: Your Passport to Emory.

What campus resources/partners is FYE associated with?
      • Emory Campus LIfe
      • Office of Undergraduate Education
      • University Libraries
      • Office of Sustainability

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Global Cultures: Bringing the World to Emory

What is Global Cultures: Bringing the World to Emory?
Global Cultures: Brining the World to Emory helps students develop a greater understanding of cultural diversity and backgrounds, broaden their global perspectives in order to create informed action through their time at Emory and beyond, and demonstrate further exploration of world cultures in preparation for their second year at Emory.

How is Global Cultures: Bringing the World to Emory distinct from other residence halls?
Through unique and dedicated programs, the Global Cultures living-learning community seeks to connect and expose residents to traditions and cultural experiences beyond their current sphere of understanding. Student and professional staff members carry out this mission through social and educational programs that inform, challenge, and encourage residents to further developing their intercultural skills and competence. Programs such as our Foreign Embassy Consul General visits allow residents to hear from and interact with foreign embassy staff with the goal of increasing resident’s cultural competence, geopolitical perspective on current issues, and overall understanding of complex international relations. More intimate program examples include opportunities to explore, celebrate, and appreciate important holidays from other cultures and traditions (such as Chinese New Year and Diwali celebrations in India.)


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Social Innovation

What is Social Innovation?
Social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and impact entrepreneurship are all terms for the same idea: for-profit or non-profit businesses with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems.

What Social Innovation resources are provided in the hall?
Raoul Hall will be staffed with a Social Entrepreneurship Graduate Resident Fellow as well as individuals who have experience starting their own business. The Complex Director will be able to point residents to resources across campus as they have questions regarding social entrepreneurship. We will also have a blog on which all Resident Advisors and Sophomore Advisors will be contributing to. Be sure to check for posts to find out about social entrepreneurship efforts and opportunities!

Do I have to be pre-Business to live here?
No. Social Entrepreneurship is a broad theme that encompasses all sorts of interests. Business is just a piece of what the Living Learning Community will focus on. Through various programs, Social Entrepreneurship will tap into a vast array of interests, creating opportunities for students on any track.

How is Social Innovation distinct from other living-learning communities in other halls?
In the Social Entrepreneurship living-learning community, you will be part of a community where you are inspired to ignite your passions to positively impact the world. The overarching program objectives are that the social entrepreneurship living-learning community will:

  • Inspire students through exploration of social entrepreneurship organizations, people, and opportunities
  • Ignite students’ passion through educational and co-curricular experiences
  • Positively impact the community through collectively supporting a cause

What could I gain from living in Social Innovation?
As a resident of the Social Entrepreneurship living-learning community, you will learn entrepreneurial best-practices, what it means to be an entrepreneur on a college campus, and understand the different ways that entrepreneurial efforts can impact the world. The Social Entrepreneurship hall also allows you to gain access to fellow entrepreneurs and resources in the community that will support your vision, endeavors and creative inquiry.


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