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FYE Calendar

See what's been going on in our first-year communities!

Citizenship --
October 1 -- Dinner w/ Dean Bobby Paul, 6:00 PM @ Turman Lobby
October 6 -- Business School Interest Session, 7:00 PM @ Turman Lobby
Octoebr 8 -- RHA Hall Council Fall Fiesta!
October 14 -- Atlanta Mayoral Debate, 7:00 PM @ Glenn Auditorium
October 20 -- Relationships Mini-Course, 6:00 PM
October 22 -- Healthcare Reform Discussion w/ Dr. Sanfilippo, 6:00 PM @ Turman Lobby

Creativity & Innovation --
Nachos & NGOs - Come hear from campus non-profits about how they got started and how students can get involved while enjoying some tasty nachos!

Cafe McTyeire - This is a three-part series of programming. Students can sign up for open-mic poetry, perform stand-up (comedy), or even sing karaoke. It's a way for students to express their performance creativity.

Improv Workshop - Have you always wanted to learn about improv comedy, but didn't have a means to do so? Come join members of Rathskellar, Emory's oldest improv comedy troupe, for an evening of laughs!

Global Cultures --

Leaderhip --

Living Green --
Reforestation Project with Dr. Bobbi Patterson - Staff & residents in Living Green got together in honor of Arbor Day (in Georgia) and planted trees. Participants also learned some of the history of the area.

Few/Evans Pot Luck - Residents planted wildflowers to keep in their rooms and decorated the flower pots. The pots were made of sustainable material.

Dinner and Shopping at Toco Hills - Residents went to Toco Hills for dinner and grocery shopping. RAs gave residents reusable shopping bags to reduce the usage of plastic bags. RAs also taught residents how to use the Cliff shuttles.

Tie-Dye T-Shirts - Residents came to this sustainable tie-dye program to revamp old shirts and make them wearable again!

Recycled Valentine's Day Cards & Crepes - Residents made Valentine's Day cards for the Children's Hospital of Atlanta out of old flyers.

Emory Recycles Tour - Residents were taken to the Emory Recycles plant and were given a tour of the facility.

If you have any program suggestions, please feel free to contact us.