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Global Cultures Signature Programs

Global Cultures programming operates around six themes designed to expose residents to a wide spectrum of diversity in a range of topics.  Each month of the academic year has a theme focus, but programs related to each theme can take place at any time.

» Identity/Intersections of Identity
Identity is a key factor in ones view of themselves and the world around them.  In light of this fact, this theme provides opportunities to explore not only one’s own, but also others ethnic, racial, cultural, gender, and sexual identity in the context of a global community.

» Performing Arts
The performing arts theme provides an outlet to explore the arts from a global perspective.  This includes the various forms and cultural expressions of music, dance, and classical theatrical productions.  Options include:

  • Dance:  This theme explores dance in a global context and in all of its forms which could include Indian Bangra, American hip hop, Latin American salsa, etc.
  • Music:  The aim of this theme is to explore the various musical genres, instruments, and styles from around the world.
  • Theater:  Theatrical and stage performance has been a part of civilization for generations in many cultures and often depicts the hopes, dreams, ideals, and tragedies common in all human experience.   

» Visual Art
Various forms of visual art exist across cultures and have been used throughout the centuries to pass on the stories of cultures, religions, societies, and individuals.  This form of art shines a light on the diversity of human experience and perspectives.

» Film
Since the invention of film, movie going has become a worldwide phenomenon because film provides not only a way to experience a story in a visual way, but similar to theater allows the hopes, dreams, ideals, and tragedies of human experience to be shared in a communal way with the masses through movies and documentaries.

» Religion / Religious Festivals & Holidays
Religion exists in almost every culture and has persisted throughout time and as a result remains an important and often divisive part of human experience.  This theme provides the opportunity for students to learn about religious traditions that they are unfamiliar with and to share their own experiences in a safe environment.

» Food
What people eat is as numerous as the many unique cultures and peoples of the world, yet nothing brings people together like the experience of sharing a meal.  This theme provides the opportunity for residents to both explore foods that are new to them and to share foods that are a part of their cultural identity.