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Tips for Moving Out

As the year winds down, we're anxious to help students successfully move out of their residence halls for the summer. We welcome parents back who are here to help their students. Here are a few tips especially for parents:

Important Dates to Know
Non-graduating seniors must be moved and checked out of their residences by Thursday, May 4, 2017 at noon.

Graduating seniors have until 2 PM on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 to check out.

Save yourself a little time, but more importantly, some stress!
Please encourage your student to think about move-out now. Over the course of the school year, much more can accumulate than expected! Save some time now by donating unwanted items or possibly shipping items early to their next destination. Doing this now can help ease the stress and frustration of packing and fitting everything in the car in May!

Packaging, Shipping and Storage
Vendors will be located at the Dobbs University Center (DUC) during the weeks before the end of the semester to make arrangements for packaging, shipping and storage. Students will have the option through these vendors to drop off items to be shipped and/or stored at designated locations and times during the final week of the term. The University does not provide summer storage.

Donation trucks will be present during the closing weeks of the semester. These trucks will be at key locations, near residence halls during specific times. Students should look for information provided to them by their hall staff to make their plans to donate unwanted, gently used items.

For parents who are coming to campus to help...

Cars not actively loading should park in the Visitors’ parking lots. Visitor lots are located at Peavine, Fishburne, and Starvine Parking Decks. Please check the campus maps and the Emory Website for more information on where these decks are in relation to your student’s residence hall.

Vehicles will be permitted to stage in front of residence halls in 15-minute increments. This is to assist with traffic flow on campus. Please work with your student to ensure his/her items are ready to be loaded into the vehicle before you park in front of the residence hall. Parking Services staff and Emory Police will be present around campus to assist you, should you have any questions. Please be sure to follow all posted signs around campus.

Moving Carts and Dollies
We have a very limited number of moving carts, dollies, etc. for check out during Move Out. Please expect that they will be in high demand during the move out period. To that end, we suggest you bring items to assist you in moving, should you be able to.

Checking Out
Your student has two check out options: Express Checkout and Traditional Checkout.

Express Checkout is the quickest and easiest method. During the RA’s closing meeting, your student will be provided with a check-out envelope. He or she simply needs to fill out the required information, place keys inside the envelope, seal it and drop it off at the designated location in the hall. The room should be free of all personal belongings, cleaned, and in a condition according to guidelines provided. Please note that students who choose Express Check Out waive the right to appeal damage charges.

Traditional Checkout is a process in which your student’s RA or another Residence Life staff member inspects the room while your student is present. Departure paperwork is signed in-person and keys are returned to the hall staff. This process requires your student to sign up for an inspection time prior to departure (to ensure that staff is available during the time your student wishes to depart campus).

Students are responsible for damages deemed to be beyond the “normal wear and tear” of a room, or for the cleaning costs of rooms left in a condition other than what is specified as a proper check out. Residence Life staff inspect each room after check out and assess for damages using the Room Condition form, completed and signed by your student during check in as a comparison. Damage charges may be appealed only if a student checks out using the Traditional Check Out method. Students who choose Express Check Out waive the right to appeal damage charges.