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General Consolidation
The University reserves the right to reassign any resident of housing. Typically, this occurs when a room is not full to occupancy. If an empty bed space exists within a room, apartment or suite, the resident may be consolidated with another person into another room, apartment or suite in the same building. Consolidation exists to keep as many rooms, suites and apartments available as possible to provide housing on campus to all students who apply.

Between room selection processes, we may consolidate students who are in rooms/apartments with a vacancy in order to prepare for the next selection process. You may receive an email in advance giving you the option to either pull someone into the vacancy or to provide us an option for your consolidation.

We will make every effort to notify you if your assignment is changed due to consolidation (typically via your university email). You may check to see if you have been moved or if someone has been moved to a vacant space in your room/apartment at any time by logging on to your MyHousing page and viewing your housing assignment.