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Housing Agreement
The Undergraduate Housing Agreement is a one-year, binding Agreements which obligate you to housing for the full academic year. The Agreement does not obligate you to a specific room, only to on-campus housing; you may elect to room change as often as you wish. The Undergraduate Housing Agreement includes the Fraternity and Sorority Housing Agreement as an addendum; this is only applicable if you live in fraternity or sorority housing.

Please read the Agreement carefully so you are aware of all the terms and conditions which you will need to agree to before securing a housing assignment.

If you are under 18, you will have to have a parent/guardian guarantee the Agreement. Please contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing to request that a paper copy of the Agreement be mailed.

Important Note: Within 24 hours of agreeing to a Housing Agreement, you may cancel the Agreement without penalty by sending an email to Doing so releases the bed for any other student to claim and voids your Housing Agreement. After 24 hours, you no longer have the option to cancel your Housing Agreement; it is a legally binding document.

View Current Undergraduate Housing Agreement
View 2015-16 Undergraduate Housing Agreement