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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a roommate?
If you know the student(s) with whom you would like to live, after completing the housing application, go to your MyHousing page, and click on the navigation link Roommate Selection. Complete at least one field of the requested information (student ID, last name, first name, middle initial, or email address) and when you see your requested roommate's name, click Request Student as Roommate. If there is more than one match to the information you enter, you wil be provided with a list of names from which to make your selection.

If your desired roommate has selected "privacy" regarding his/her information at the university, his/her name will not be available to select. In that instance, your desired roommate will need to select you first and then you must confirm the selection when you are notified via email of the selection.

When it is your time to select a room, you will have the option to place your matched roommate request(s) into a bedspace in the room/apartment you select, or if your matched roommate has an earlier selection time, s/he will be able place you into a bedspace.

Please note:
Roommate requests must be mutual.
All roommates will need to go into their respective MyHousing pages and request each other. Do not allow "unmatched" roommate requests to stay on your account as that will hinder your ability to select a room.

You do not have to have a roommate request to receive housing, but be aware that if you are assigned to a double (or larger) space, you will have a roommate(s) assigned to you.

When do I select a room?
Please review the appropriate calendar for the dates and times of the selection processes.

I am currently a first-year student but have enough hours to be a Junior. How do I select?
You should select as a rising second-year student. First-year students are identified as students who are in their first year of study at Emory University. This typically means that a student is enrolled as a freshman in the University and is exclusive of one's academic standing.
(Likewise, second-year students are students in their second year of study at University. This typically means that a student is enrolled as a sophomore and again, is exclusive of one's academic standing.)

How do I cancel my housing?
Students who select a room either through a manual process or an online process have 24-hours from the time of their selection or notification of assignment to cancel the reservation. Cancellation requests should be emailed to:

The email should include: your full name, student ID number, assignment that was selected, and the statement that you wish to cancel your Agreement. Emails will be reviewed to assure they arrived in the 24-hour time period and responded to as quickly as possible.

Requests outside of the 24-hour period would have to be submitted as a housing appeal.

Students who will not be returning to the University (withdrawing/transferring) for the fall semester have until July 30 to notify the Office of Residence Life & Housing. Students not returning for the spring semester have until the last day of the Fall semester to provide notification. After those dates, a minimum of the $200 cancellation fee will be charged.

Can I cancel my selection and re-enter the process?
Yes, but we cannot guarantee this will happen. When you cancel your selection, we must re-enter you into the system manually. Because of the high volume of correspondence we receive during selection time, if you do not send us notification of your cancellation in a timely manner, we may not be able to re-enter you into the system.
To cancel your selection and re-enter the process, send your request directly to If we are able, we will cancel your original selection and reassign your original time.

How do I change rooms?
Pre -Move-In Room Changes
If you decide that you want a different room or roommates, you may log on to your MyHousing web page and submit a room change request. Room changes may be processed between room selection periods but are generally addressed after room selection is ocmplete. Undergraduate students may change rooms up until August 1. Please note that you may not submit a room change request a change for another person; for example, if your current roommate wishes to room change with you, he/she will need to also submit a request.

If you are trying to "swap" rooms with another person - you going into his/her current assignment and he/she going into your current assignment - each student who is moving must write individually; it is not necessary for roommates or suitemates who are not moving to write.

Room changes will be processed for upperclass students weekly and will continue through through August 1. Please do not call to inquire about the status of your room change request; you will be notified via email when your request has been processed.

Academic Year Room Changes
If you would like to request a room change after you have moved in to your room or apartment, you may contact a Residence Life staff member in your building to make a change and/or submit a change request through your MyHousing page; room changes are not centralized through the Housing Office in Alabama Hall during the academic year so MyHousing requests are routed back to your building's Residence Life staff.

My friend signed up for another room; how do we get into the same room?
You can both send in a room change request asking to be reassigned together, or if one of you has a vacancy in your room, the other can send a room change request to move into that vacant space.

I need to talk to someone...when/where can I do that?
Please come by one of the HousingHelp Live! times; view the schedule here. If you are not able to come to any of these times, please contact us at to request an appointment.

How much does housing cost?
Click here to view housing rates.

How do I confirm my assignment?
Your housing information can always be viewed on your MyHousing page.

I'm going abroad in the spring; how do I cancel?
If you are going on an Emory-approved study abroad program, your housing and meal plan will automatically terminate when you move out in December. Please note that spring charges will not be removed until you check out.

I'm going abroad in the fall; do I select now?
No. The selection processes in January/February are for Fall housing so you do not select now. You will need to complete the spring application. Spring housing information may be found here.

I missed my time! What do I do now?
Go on as soon as possible and select your room. The time listed on your MyHousing page is your START time; you are able to pick a room from that point until the end of the process.

I missed my whole process! What do I do now?
You should plan to select during the next process in which you are eligible to participate. If there are no processes remaining, please contact us at and we will assist you in securing a room.

What is Gender Inclusive Housing?
Gender Inclusive Housing is a housing option available where all students may request a roommate of any sex or gender for residence in any apartment or suite-style housing.