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Housing Selection Priority
For each room section process, with the exception of Same Room, random numbers are issued to each eligible student to determine the assignment of a selection date and time. The random numbers are generated by the Housing assignments system (Adirondack), executed within the database of all eligible students (with completed online applications) for each process. Please be aware that assignment times are assigned following the application deadline date for each process, as outlined on the Housing Selection Calendar.

If your application is not complete by the deadline date, you may not be assigned a selection time, but would be eligible to be assigned at a later date.
• Each selection date and time are exclusive to that process. Selection dates and times do not carry over from one process to another. You will be assigned a selection date and time for each process you are eligible for. Your selection date and time will be posted to your MyHousing page. Your selection date and time will disappear once you have selected a room or the process for which it was assigned, ends.
• Selection times are not transferable. You may not give your time to another person.
• Selection times includes some gaps in order to accommodate anyone who was left out in error.
• Students who are Scholars receive an extra "push" in the assignment of a selection time. If any other student or group of students is provided with a similar “push” in their selection time, that information will be published on this website and available for all to read.

Scholars may verify their inclusion by going to their MyHousing page, clicking Personal Preferences on the left had navigation bar, and looking in the second Supplemental Application field. Your Scholar information will be listed there.

If you have questions regarding the assignment of selection date and times, please contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing at 404.727.7631 and we will be happy to schedule a time to meet with you. You may also direct your questions to