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STEP 4: Selecting a Room
All housing selection processes for the 2012-2013 academic year will take place online through the housing system.

Please use the timeline link to the left to locate the process you are eligible and wish to participate in.

For each selection process, all eligible students will be assigned a date and time to select housing. This information is posted on your MyHousing page.

When your assigned date and time arrives, you may go online and select a room. You will enter through your MyHousing page to access the list of available housing. Please know that you may "shop" as much as you like; once your start time begins, you may select a room, or not, at any point until the posted end time for that selection process.

You may select a room and/or be pulled into a room during only one process. Therefore, once you have selected a room or been pulled into a room, the only other action available to you is to request a room change.

Once you have selected a room, you have 24-hours to cancel your selection. After that 24-hour period, if you have not canceled, you are obligated to housing for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Please read detailed procedures on how to select a room here.