As a result of participating in the SYE program, each student will:

1. Develop greater self awareness
• Demonstrate critical thinking and self-reflection skills
• Identify personal strengths, areas for improvement, values & interests
• Demonstrate health-enhancing skills to sustain his/herself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

2. Define goals for their Emory experience
• Articulate goals to be achieved by the end of his/her Emory experience
• Declare an academic major
• List possible career fields or other plans after college

3. Identify and utilize campus resources
• Identify campus offices and resources associated with their specific goals
• Investigate extracurricular ad co-curricular interests (research, study abroad, leadership development, volunteering, internships, etc.) in which he/she would like to participate
• Explain the steps and courses needed to satisfy academic degree requirements
• Revise a resume after receiving feedback from a Career Center staff member

4. Connect with others through meaningful relationships
• Display the social skills necessary to live and work with others
• Form meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, alumni, and student mentors
• Express a stronger connection to his/her class and the institution as a whole

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