Why Second Year at Emory?
• Sophomores know a lot more than they did when they arrived as freshmen, but there are still plenty of new opportunities and challenges ahead. SYE helps second-year students navigate with one-on-one conversations, interactions designed to help them set goals and reflect on the coming year.
• Sophomores experience new hurdles, including more difficult General Education classes, introductory classes for the major, and greater expectations. SYE provides direct links with academic advisors and faculty members.
• The number of resources available to Emory students is astounding. When students learn about and utilize these support mechanisms, thanks to SYE, performance, persistence, and preparation improve.
• Living in Woodruff Residential Center or Clifton Tower as a member of the SYE program means living with other sophomores taking the same classes, experiencing the same troubles and triumphs. It means living with friends from the freshman year, and making new ones.
• SYE builds on the solid foundation built by the First-Year Experience, including freshman seminars and freshman residence halls.
• Preparation for graduate and professional school, as well as post-college careers, is a central pillar of the SYE program, including how to get an internship and information on a variety of career choices.
• SYE emphasizes the student’s responsibility in tailoring his or her Emory experience.

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