Class (signature) events are open to all students in their second year at Emory. Events range from Emory ceremonies to marking important transitions, but some can be as simple as shared class bonding experiences. The following are signature annual events SYE has hosted:

Freshman Finale
This event, co-sponsored by FYE and SYE, is held at the end of the spring semester. Hosted for freshman, it marks the end of their first year and celebrates the beginning of their second year. It also serves as their first introduction to SYE, getting residents excited about what their second year has to offer.

Welcome Back BBQ
The Welcome Back BBQ is held at the very beginning of fall semester after residents have moved back to campus. Second-year students are invited to a large barbeque and are given the opportunity to catch up with friends after the summer. Students are also reintroduced to SYE, and are encouraged to stay plugged in with SYE events throughout the year. This event is hosted as part of the SYE Kickoff.

Sophomores Serve
SYE and Volunteer Emory co-sponsor periodic service days. Second-year students are given the opportunity to sign up for a variety of service projects throughout the greater Atlanta area. Transportation is provided to and from the sork sites. The first Sohpomores Serve event each year is hosted as a part of the SYE Kickoff. An example of previous service projects may be found here.

Eagles Events
Emory Athletics supports 18 NCAA Division III teams, many of which have won national championships in recent years (including Swimming, Tennis, and Volleyball.) Athletic events are a dynamic social setting and provide a great means of promoting school spirit. SYE promotes all Emory Eagles athletic events, and encourages second-year students to be active sports fans.

Sophomore Pinning Ceremony
Students are considered to be alumni of Emory University after completing their second semester of study. Held in September during Homecoming week, students participate in a ceremony that marks that transition. Students are given a short presentation on the history of the school crest, and receive a lapel pin that is a replica of the Emory crest found on the official class ring. The Alumni Association co-sponsors this event.

SYE Olympics
Generally hosted mid-year, the SYE Olympics is a friendly competition that allows teams of second-year students to compete against each other in a variety of events. Past events have included dodgeball, kickball, volleyball, basketball, trivia, eating contests, and more. The SYE Olympics are a great opportunity for students to have fun with friends, engage in friendly competition, and connect with other second-year students.

Halfway to Graduation
Halfway to Graduation is held at the end of the academic year and marks the transition of sohpmores to rising juniors. Speakers, food, and other entertainment have been featured at past events. Halfway to Graduation is also the last official event hosted by SYE for the studnets, and gives students a large social setting to enjoy before final exams and move out.



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