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What Should I Bring?

Wow, what a question! The important thing to remember is that it is a lot easier to have your parents send you the things you didn’t realize you would need, than to find that you need to go through the hassle of shipping unneeded items to your home from school. We recommend that you communicate with your roommate to decide who will bring large items such as televisions, stereos, or mini-refrigerators*.

Also, remember that there are stores within walking distance (the Emory Bookstore / Barnes & Noble) or a quick drive from Emory (Target; Wal-Mart; Bed, Bath and Beyond; IKEA etc.) for picking up things you may have forgotten, or things you choose to purchase when you arrive at Emory.

Here is a list of items (with sustainable options) that on-campus residents often find helpful. This is NOT a list of required items, nor does it represent everything you might want or need:

- Computer or laptop
- Television (digital)
- DVD player
- Headphones
- Power strip/surge protector (Extension cords are prohibited; power strips must be UL approved with circuit breakers.)
- Reading light and compact florescent or LED light bulbs (halogen bulbs are NOT permitted)
- Alarm clock
- Jump drives, pens, scissors, tape, etc.
- Post-consumer recycled-content paper, notebooks, and binders
- Sports equipment
- Laundry bag (or basket)
- Laundry soap
- Clothes drying rack
- Safety pins, needles and thread
- Reusable eating utensils, plate, bowl, cup, coffe/tea mug
- Bedding, sheets, pillows, blankets**
- Iron and small ironing board
- Bike and bike lock (DID YOU KNOW? You can buy/rent one from Bike Emory!)
- Bath towels, soaps, robe, etc. (Keep in mind, if you live in a suite-style room, you will need to provide your own toilet paper, as well as clean your own bathroom.)
- Hair products, hair dryer
- First aid kit, bandages, aspirin
- Personal hygiene items
- Shower shoes
- Trash can
- Umbrella
- All purpose cleaner
- Small toolbox
- Only thumb tacks or small nails (that won’t leave a hole bigger than a thumbtack hole) are permitted to hang posters, pictures and other decorations in your room
- Reusable shopping bags
- * Mini refrigerator (maximum 3 cubic feet), one per student room

All appliances should be Energy Star rated products.

Microwaves are prohibited unless they are a microwave-refrigerator (Microfridge) combination. The approved company for Microfridge rental is Collegiate Concepts. If you would prefer to purchase a Microfridge, please make sure the unit you purchase meets the following specifications:

- UL Approved
- 3.7 cubic feet or less
- When the microwave is engaged, the fridge must disengage and vice versa

** All central campus residence halls have twin beds. Clairmont Campus apartments have double/full-sized beds. Both standard and extra long twin size sheets will fit on university twin mattresses. University twin mattresses measure 36"w X 6"h X 80"l. For more information regarding furniture dimensions, please click here.