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Resident Responsibilities

When you notice items that need repair in your room, suite, or apartment, it is your responsibility to place a work order online or to report the issue to a Residence Life staff member.

Residents are expected to be responsible for the behavior of their guests. Damages consequent to a party may be billed to the host, or disciplinary action may ensue.

In the case of shared rooms, suites, or apartments, all residents of the space are held responsible unless the responsible individual identifies him/herself to Residence Life & Housing. Those who damage University property are subject to disciplinary action and reimbursement for damges.

Residents are responsible for the loss of or damage to University property provided for their use, including the furniture in their accommodations. All University property originally in the room must be left in good order. If a student removes furniture from a room or suite, s/he is billed for the cost of replacing that furniture. Furniture in student rooms, suites, apartments, lounges, and other areas of residential facilities may not be moved to other locations.

In addition to individual rooms, residents are responsible for items that are damaged or missing in common areas (hallways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, recreation rooms, computer labs, lounges, lobbies, stairwells, etc.). Like individual rooms, common area charges are divided between the residents of the hall, floor, or building unless a responsible individual identifies him/herself to Residence Life & Housing.