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First-Year Housing Requirement

"First-year student" is a term used at Emory to designate a student that has graduated high school in the past year, or is participating in his or her first year of study. A traditional first-year student has a freshman class standing, but regardless of the number of academic credit hours, students in their first year of study will remain "first-year" students.

The first-year experience as a resident in University housing is unique and exciting. All first-year students are required in live in on-campus University housing which creates communities in our residence halls. Each of Emory’s residence halls offers a different flavor of college life, one that develops according to the needs and personalities of the residents.

Because all first-year students are required to live in the residence halls during their first year at Emory, the University guarantees housing for first-year students. Exceptions may be made if you live in Atlanta with your immediate family.

If you are a first-year student and prefer to live at home, you may appeal to be released from the live-on housing requirement. Please see the detailed information on the Housing Appeals webpage.