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Living with a roommate is one of the defining experiences in a student’s college career. You will learn shared responsibility, conflict resolution, compromise, flexibility, and in many cases, you will be exposed to a diverse populace. This is a once in a lifetime chance to live in an academic environment and take advantage of all the opportunities on-campus living provides. Unlikely friends blossom everyday in our residence halls, and this is one of the ways that Emory’s community spirit is reinforced. Here are a few tips you may find helpful in getting along with your roommate:

  • Know your values/lifestyle.
  • Be honest in sharing your values and lifestyle on your personal description form and while talking to possible roommates.
  • Communicate at appropriate times when something is bothering you (holding it in creates resentment). Communication right away avoids yelling at your roommate because you have waited too long to address your concerns.
  • Learn that living with others is learning how to compromise. Each roommate cannot have his/her way on every issue. Identify the big issues as well as those on which you can compromise. Learning how to be flexible is the key.
  • If you are having difficulty discussing issues, ask the Residence Life & Housing staff (SA, RA or RHD) for assistance. Our staff is trained to assist in these circumstances.


Searching for a Roommate
If you wish to search for roommates through MyHousing, follow these steps:

  • Log onto your MyHousing page and go to the Personal Preferences navigation link. At the top of that page is theRoommate Search Profile -- answer "No" in the first drop-down box to request that your profile is not private.
  • Enter your contact preference (how a potential roommate should contact you) and you may complete the My Profile section by entering any information you wish to share about yourself or what you are looking for in a roommate. When complete, click Submit My Profile.
  • You will see the Personal Preferences you entered on the application in the second part of this screen. Review your answers to make sure your responses accurately reflect your preferences.
  • Under the Roommate Selection navigation, select Advanced Roommate Search. Here, you can indicate the attributes or preferences for the type of roommate you are searching. Once you have made your choices, click Begin Search at the bottom of the page and those students who most match your criteria will be displayed; you may read their information and decide whom you wish to contact.

Please note that more matches may be returned as more students apply for housing; you may wish to search more than once.

Choosing a Roommate
Specific roommate preferences are entered on your MyHousing page.

If you know the student(s) with whom you would like to live, after completing the housing application, go to your MyHousing page, and click on the navigation link Roommate Selection. Complete at least one field of the requested information (student ID, last name, first name, middle initial, or email address) and when you see your requested roommate's name, click Request Student as Roommate. If there is more than one match to the information you enter, you wil be provided with a list of names from which to make your selection.

If your desired roommate has selected "privacy" regarding his/her information at the university, his/her name will not be available to select. In that instance, your desired roommate will need to select you first and then you must confirm the selection when you are notified via email of the selection.

Please note:
Roommate requests must be mutual.
 All roommates will need to go into their respective MyHousing pages and request each other. Do not allow "unmatched" roommate requests to stay on your account.

You do not have to have a roommate request to receive housing, but be aware that if you are assigned to a double (or larger) space, you will have a roommate(s) assigned to you.