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Second-Year Housing Requirement

All second-year students are required to live in University housing. The second-year requirement may apply to all students whether continuing, returning from any type of leave, or transfer students. Please note that second-year is a university designation, unrelated to academic credits; typically it is based upon the number of semesters that have passed since first enrolling/attending a university. For housing purposes, the determination made by the Office of Residence Life & Housing should be considered final. If you are unsure of your status, please contact us at housing@emory.edu for confirmation before making alternate plans.

Transfer students whose transfer credit evaluation places them as second-year students are also required to live on campus. This requirement is in place until a credit review produces a higher class standing or an appeal is filed.

Because all second-year students are required to live in the residence halls during their second year at Emory, the University guarantees housing for second-year students. Exceptions may be considered if you live in Atlanta with your immediate family.

If you are a second-year student and prefer to live at home, please follow the appeal procedures. Exceptions may be granted on the basis of special situations with regard to age, marital status, or medical needs. All second-year students’ prepayment bills will contain a nonrefundable housing charge unless prior permission has been granted.