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General Information - Summer Housing

Thank you for your interest in summer housing. Students can be housed ONLY for sessions in which they are enrolled in an Emory summer program or classes. All summer school students are housed in Tower apartments only.

If you are in Atlanta for a summer internship or some other academically related pursuit, please refer to our Summer Intern Housing website.All SIHP residents are housed in URC/CRC apartments only.




Community Living
As a member of the Emory University summer community, you have certain rights and responsibilities. As a resident, you have the right to pursue studies in a pleasant environment. Each community must establish certain rules and standards to ensure the best possible living conditions for its residents. As a student living on the Clairmont Campus for the summer, you have the responsibility to adhere to all federal, state, and local laws, as well as to the University and housing regulations and policies.

Guidelines have been established to promote the development of an environment that is suitable for the education and comfort of everyone involved. When these laws or policies are violated, the university is obligated to take action as part of the learning experience, teaching the individuals to be responsible for their actions. Any violation of community standards is a violation of your rights.

Students who violate university policies or the rights of others in the community are expected to accept responsibility for their actions and will be subject to the University Conduct Code and may be asked to vacate university housing for the summer.


Interim Housing
Summer Intern Housing Program
If you need interim housing and you are a part of the Summer Intern Housing Program, please add your dates to your application via the SIHP web portal.

Summer School Students
Summer school housing students may request housing for the dates in-between Spring and Summer, and in-between Summer and Fall semesters. There will be a flat rate charged for each of the interim housing time periods. Those who request interim housing must be able to move on the designated move dates. Interim housing is only available to those who have and will maintain a summer school housing assignment.

Request interim housing by emailing housing@emory.edu. Your request must be received by the deadlines indicated on the form to receive full consideration. Requests received after that date may not be approved. You must be able to move in on the date indicated. You may be asked to move before or after that date depending upon room availability.

Deadline Dates
Interim Housing A (Spring > Summer) | April 15, 2017 by noon
Interim Housing B (Summer > Fall) | July 8, 2017 by noon


Provisions for Students with Accessibility Needs
Several rooms have been designed specifically for the accessibility needs of students with physical challenges. If you have a physical impairment that may require a special assignment or accommodation, please contact and register with the Office of Access, Disability Services, and Resources (ADSR) at 404-727-6016. Approved registered students will receive an assignment based on the accommodation needs recommended by ADSR pending room type availability. Please refer to the Additional Housing Options page for more information.

General Information

If you are new to campus, contact the Emory Post Office when you arrive on the campus to arrange for a post office box. No mail is delivered directly to the residence hall. The post office is located in Dobbs University Center, or you may call the post office at 404.727.6172.

Car Registration/Parking:
Students in summer housing must contact Parking Services to arrange parking in the housing decks at 404.727.PARK(7275). Shuttle service to campus is provided from Clairmont Campus.

Items to bring:
When deciding what to bring, keep in mind a few items:
  • alarm clock
  • pillow
  • towels
  • sheets/bedspread (full-size bed in URC/CRC; extra-long twin in Clairmont Tower, main campus housing)
  • kitchen supplies: pots, pans, dishes, cups, cooking utensils, silverware; cleaning supplies (dish washing liquid, dishtowel, paper towels, etc.)

Please be advised that no one will be able to store any belongings during the breaks between the spring semester and summer sessions or between summer session and fall semester. You may however, leave belongings in your assigned room between both summer sessions provided you are assigned to the same space both summer sessions. You may request interim housing if you need to stay between semester. Please see “Interim Housing” for more details.


Application Procedures
Your first step to securing summer housing is to complete the on-line housing application on the MyHousing page. Log on and click on "Apply On-line" and you should see and select the application type appropriate for your program.

Complete the application form with the requested information. When you have completed the form, click the submit button at the bottom of the screen.
After you submit the application, you will be routed to your MyHousing page which will summarize the information you have provided. On MyHousing, you are able to make changes to the application information you provided, designate a roommate, view your room assignment and request a room change. You may return to the MyHousing site as often as you wish and make changes to your application information.


Assignments are based on the date of application and preferences listed. We will make every attempt to honor roommate preferences; remember that all roommate requests must be mutual, and we must have your request in writing. Roommates must also be enrolled and assigned for the same sessions/programs. Please note that summer housing is not guaranteed.


Please contact the following offices or persons with your concerns or questions:

Offices of Residence Life and Housing Operations | 404.727.7631
College Office for Summer Students | 404.727.0671
Summer Business Institute | 404.727.0804


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