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Information for Transfer Students

As a new student at Emory, you probably have several questions about the residence halls, how to sign-up for housing, what to bring, when to move in, and MORE! Below you should find answers to some common questions and concerns. In addition, the links to the left will guide you to other information you may find useful. If you have further questions contact housing@emory.edu or call 404.727.7631.

Please note that for 2016-17, transfer students are NOT required to live on campus and housing is NOT guaranteed.


How to Apply for Housing
Transfer students should complete either the second-year or third-year application. Please note that this "class year" is a university designation, unrelated to academic credits; typically it is based upon the number of semesters that have passed since first enrolling/attending a university or your high school graduation date. If you have completed one year or less at another institution you would be considered a second-year student. If you have completed two or more years at another institution, you would be considered a third-year student. (Note that all transfer students will show as second-year students on their MyHousing page until the fall semester begins, but the correct housing application will be available to you.)

For housing purposes, the class year determination made by the offices of Residence Life and Housing Operations should be considered final. If you are unsure of your status, please contact us at housing@emory.edu for confirmation.

» Apply for Housing Online


Choosing Your Residence Hall
Choosing a residence hall from all of the options available can be an exciting but challenging task. There are a lot of options from which to choose. When choosing a residence hall, you should consider your individual needs as well as the unique features of each of our residence halls. Regardless of which residence hall you choose, your first year at Emory is sure to be a memorable one.

» Housing Options Available to Transfer Students

Reservation Fee
Upon acceptance of admission to the University, all incoming students (with the exception of business and nursing students) must submit a $485 non-refundable enrollment deposit to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Two hundred dollars ($200) of the $485 enrollment deposit will be used as your housing reservation fee.

If after submitting the enrollment deposit and agreement you need to cancel your enrollment, you need to send a detailed message to admission@emory.edu explaining your reason for withdrawing. Include your full name, date of birth, and EMPLID in your message. Do note, the $485 enrollment deposit is non-refundable. The Office of Undergraduate Admission is responsible for cancelling enrollments and informing other campus departments.

Useful Links for Transfer Students: