Mikhail Epstein.
Cries in the New Wilderness: From the Files of the Moscow Institute of Atheism
Trans. and intr. by Eve Adler. 
Philadelphia: Paul Dry Books, 2002, 236 pp.
(hardcover and paperback)


                      Annotation. Editorial Reviews

 From Part 2. Philistine Sects. Greys

From Part 5. Doomsday Sects. Steppies

From Epilogue to The New Sectarianism. Atheism as a Spiritual Vocation: from the Archive of Professor R.O. Gibaydulina.
Project: "Spiritual Movements of the Future" (a fragment on humanistic sects)

                    From Afterword: The Comedy of Ideas (a fragment)

Anything is Possible.
A Historical Commentary to Russian New Sects

by Valery Shubinsky (St.-Petersburg)

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