Mikhail N. Epstein  - CONFERENCE PAPERS (selected)

Papers and presentations at 70 conferences and symposia including:

"The Participles of the Future Tense," The International Congress of MAPRIAL (International Association for the Teachers of Russian Language and Literature).  Varna (Bulgaria), Sept.  17 ­ 22, 2007.

"Transculture: A Broad Way Between Globalism and Multiculturalism." The 7th   Congress of International Society for International Dialogue (ISUD): "After  Hiroshima: Collective Memory, Philosophical Reflection and World Peace."  Hiroshima (Japan), June 1-5, 2007).

"Maternye korni sovetskogo materialisma" (The Foul  Roots of Soviet  Materialism). Intern. confer. "The Occult in 20th Century Russia.  Metaphysical Roots of Soviet Civilisation,"  European Academy, Berlin.  March 11-13, 2007.

"Thoughts in Numbers: America and Russia in Mirrors of the Internet." Intern. Conf.  "Benjamin Franklin and Russia. To the Tercentary of his birth," Herzen  University. S.-Petesburg, June 24, 2006.

"On the Types of Utterances. Transformative and Contraformative Utterances.  Infinitions." Conf. "The Problem of Text in Humanistic Research,"  Moscow  State University. June 16-17, 2006.

"Anaphrase: a language phenomenon and a literary technique" Intern. Conf.  "Literary  Text as a Dynamic System", Institute of the Russian Language of the  Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. May 19-22 2005.

"Stereoethics: the Golden Rule for the New Century." The IV Russian Congress  of Philosophy, "Philosophy and the Future of the Civilization," Moscow State University. 24-28 May 2005.

"Metabole as a New Poetic Trope." Conf. New Languages of Poetry, Moscow, Institute of Russian Language, May 16 2003.

 Keynote Address: “‘God forbid that I should go mad...’ On methods of  madness”. Conf. "Those Crazy Russians":   Madness in Russian Culture, History and Society. Ohio State University, Columbus, OH,  April 5-6, 2003.

"Amerossia: Biculturalism and Freedom," America through the Eyes of Russians Conf., Middlebury College (VT), July 21 2002.

"From Post- to Proto-: On Possible Paradigmatic Shifts in the Humanities," conf.  "Slavic Theory Today:  Between History and System," Yale University, March 1- 2, 2002.

"Toward the System of Modalities: Potentiology as A New Philosophical Discipline,"  AAASS, Washington D.C.,  Nov. 15, 2001.

"Proteism: A Perspective for a New Century," conf. "The Beginning of the Century." Middlebury College (VT), July 21 2001.

"Diaspora: Spores for the Future Global Civilization," World Russian Forum, organized by Media Group Kontinent, USA & Russia House, in cooper. with US-Russia Business Council et al. New York, Marriott Marquis Hotel, May 5, 2001.

"The Apophatics of Courage: On the Duality of Virtues," Cold War/Hot Culture. International Festival of Russian Art and Culture. America and Russian Nonconformist Art. University of Nevada (Las Vegas), Nov. 17-20, 2000.

"The Role of the Humanities in Global Culture, "  symp.  "The Humanities and Global Education," the Institute for Global Education. Concord (MA), Jan. 15-17, 2000.

"Translation, Interlation and Stereo-Poetry" and "The Rewards of Poetry, " presentations at "Three Lands, Three Generations: Eastern European Poetry Today," international conference and poetry festival, Northwestern University, October 27-30, 1999.

"Main Trends in Contemporary Russian Philosophy," World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, Aug. 10-16, 1998.

"Russian Spirituality and the Theology of Negation," international conference
"Russian Culture at the Crossroads: Art and Society," University of Nevada,
Las Vegas, Nov. 24, 1997.

"Silence as a Category of Russian Culture," AAASS, Seattle, Nov. 21, 1997.

"Toward an Interdisciplinary Community: Collective Improvisations and the Realm of the Ordinary," inter. conf. "The Future of the Humanities. International School of Theory in Humanities." Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Jul. 30-Aug. 1, 1997.

"Allegories of Otherness," Conference on Interaction between Russian and American Cultures "Reflecting Cross-Culturally," University of Indiana (Bloomington). Feb. 14, 1997.

"  [                           ] Toward the Theory of Textual Environment," AAASS, Boston, Nov. 17, 1996.

"Postmodernism versus Postmodernity" (Roundtable on Russian Postmodernism).
AAASS, Boston, Nov. 16, 1996.

"Postmodernism and Communism." The symposium "Kamo griadeshi, Rossiia?"
["Where are you going, Russia?], The University of Tokyo, Japan, Sept. 14, 1996.

"'The Bronze Horseman' and 'The Tale of a Fisherman and a Fish': The Structural Affinity of the Two Works of Alexander Pushkin," AATSEEL, Chicago, Dec. 1995.

"The Philosophical Implications of Russian Conceptualism," AAASS, Washington, D.C., October 1995.

"The 'Hyper' in 20th Century Culture: The Dialectics of Transition from Modernism to Postmodernism," international seminar "Modernism and Postmodernism in Russian Literature and Culture," University of Helsinki, Finland, August 21-24, 1995.

"Soviet 'Culturology' of the 1970s-80s: A Philosophical Aspect," MLA, San-Diego, December 1994.

"Demonic Subtexts of the Image of Russia in Gogol's Dead Souls," AATSEEL, Toronto, December 29, 1993.

"The Rose of the World and the Kingdom of the Antichrist: Daniil Andreev and the Paradoxes of Russian Eschatology," AATSEEL, New York, December 29, 1992.

"The Debate on Postmodernism in Contemporary Russian Literature," MLA, San Francisco, December 28, 1991.

"The Nabokovian in Vladimir Nabokov: The Surname of the Writer as a Prototype of His Literary Style," MLA, San Francisco, December 27, 1991.

"The Relationship of Words and Visual Images in Ilya Kabakov's Works," AATSEEL, San Francisco, December 30, 1991.

"Materialism and Sophiology: Daniil Andreev and Feminine Mysticism in Russia," The Occult in Modern Russian and Soviet Culture, International Conference, Fordham University, New York, June 26-29, 1991.

"Ideas for a Cross-Cultural Study of National Cultures," Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C., March 25, 1991.

"The Basic Principles of Joseph Brodsky's Poetics," Russian Summer School Faculty Seminars, Middlebury College, VT, July and August 1990.

"Pasternak, Mandelshtam, and Jewish Spirituality," Pasternak Conference, Norwich University, VT, June 1990.

"After the Future: The New Consciousness in Literature," Fourth Wheatland International Conference on Literature, San Francisco, June 11-16, 1990.

"Culturology: Tasks and Possibilities," Soviet Culture Today: Restructuring the Past or Inventing the Future? International Conference, Duke University, Durham, NC, March 1990.

"The Future in the Past: The Cycles of Russian Literary Development," New Beginnings: Soviet Arts in Glasgow (Scotland), Critical Forum, Nov. 1989.

"The Structure of Ideological Discourse," Language - Consciousness - Society, International Conference, Summer School of Humanities, Leningrad, August, 1989.

"The Old and the New Avant-Garde," Philosophy, Religion and Literature in Russia in the Beginning of the 20th century, International Conference, Instituto Suor Orsola Benincasa. Napoli (Italy), July 3-4, l989.

"The Disappearance of Things in Nabokov," International Conference on Nabokov, The Russian Literary Centre, Paris, March 1989.

"The Language of Utopia and the Utopia of Language," Utopia and Anti-Utopia, Moscow State University, January l989.

"New Approaches to the Relationship of Materialism and Idealism," The Vital Problems of Contemporary Philosophy, The Moscow Philosophical
Society, February l988.


"On the Future of the Humanities," University of Tokyo (Japan), June 15, 2007; Beijing  Normal University (China), June 21, 2007.

"Russian Postmodernism and its Place in Global Culture," University of Tokyo (Japan),  June 15, 2007; Beijing Normal University (China), June 21, 2007.

"On the Art of  Collective Improvisations." Fulbright Seminar, S-Petersburg, June 27,  2006.

"On  Creative Philology,"  May 19, 2006; "The Present and the Future of Russian   Language,"  May 26, 2006; "On Creative Development of Philosophy," May 27,  2006, Moscow State University.

"The Constructive Potential of the Humanities," Russian State University of the  Humanities, Moscow, May 22, 2006 (in the series "Foreign Scholars at RGGU").

"The Grammar of Transitivity," Institute of Russian Language, Moscow, May 30, 2006.

"Bakhtin and the Future of the Humanities," Yale University, Dec. 1, 2004;  Columbia  University, March 9, 2006.

"The Philosophy of the Possible and the Creativity in the Humanities." Departments of  Philosophy, Moscow and S.Petersburg Universities; Institute of Philosophy of  Russian Academy of Sciences, June-July 2005.

"The New Views on the Golden Rule; Ethics of Touch and Seeing; Ethics of the  Humanistic Research." Three Lectures at the Summer school of Ethics, Institute  of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences, July 11-14, 2005.

"Untranslatable Russia." Six Lectures. Summer Seminar for American Writers.  Hertsen University.  S-Petersburg, June 12-25, 2005.

"Humanities in the 21st century: Paradigmatic Shifts and Transcultural  Values," 16  hours course of lectures delivered at the Fulbright Summer School in Moscow,  June 2004.

"The Change of Paradigms in the Humanities," Russian State University of the   Humanities (RGGU),  Moscow, June 11,  2003.

"Ethics and Aesthetics of Touch: On the Possibilities of Tactile Art," Pro-Art Institute, S.- Petersburg,  June 17, 2003.

"Transculure as a New Concept and Reality of the 21st c.," Philosophical Society, Moscow, May 28, 2003.

"From Post- to Proto-:  On the Future of the Humanities." University of Rhode Island, Providence, March 27, 2003;   Ohio  State University, Columbus, OH ,  April 7,  2003.

"Mikhail Bakhtin and the Future of the Humanities." Princeton   University, Sept. 25, 2002.

"The Change of Paradigms in the Humanities," Russian State University of the  Humanities (RGGU),  Moscow, June 11,  2003.

"Ethics and Aesthetics of Touch: on the Possibilities of Tactile Art," Pro-Art Institute, S.- Petersburg,  June 17, 2003.

"Transculure as a New Concept and Reality of the 21st c.," Philosophical Society,   Moscow, May 28, 2003.

"The Varieties of Post-Atheist Experience: Minimal Religion and Sectarian  Consciousness in Late Soviet Russia." Middlebury College, Oct. 1, 2002.

"On the Future of the Humanities," University of Portland (Oregon), April 25, 2002;  University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada), May 15, 2002.

"Postmodernism and Communism," Washington University, St.-Louis, March 10, 1998; University of Missouri, Columbia, March 9, 1998.

"Experiments in Transculture: Rethinking Russian and American Models of   Creative Communication," Bowling Green University (OH), October 1996.

"Metaphysical Radicalism and Contemporary Russian Ideologies," University of Illinois, Champaigne-Urbana, October 1994.

"Russian Philosophy after Stalin: Seven Schools of Thought," Indiana University, Bloomington, March 1993.

"The Structure of Soviet Ideological Language," Johns Hopkins University, July 1991; Middlebury College, VT, July 1990; Boston University, April 1990.

"After the Future: The Case of Soviet Modernity,"  Bryn Mawr College, PA, March 1991; Amherst College, MA, May 1990.

"New Russian Literary Movements: Conceptualism and Metarealism," Institute of Slavic Studies, Sorbonne, Paris, May l989; German-American Institute, Heidelberg, Germany, April l989.

"Contemporary Russian Literature in Transition," Queen's College, Oxford, March l989; London University, March l989.

"Literature and Morality," Iuvescula University, Finland, November l989.

"Postmodernism and the 'New Wave' in Soviet Literature," Bowling Green University, OH, April 1990; Bohum University, Germany, May l989.

"New Religious Consciousness in the USSR," Catholic Academy, Dortmund, Germany, May l989; Keston College, London, March l989.