Mikhail N. Epstein  -   SERVICE TO PROFESSION

2001 - Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures Selection Committee at Modern Language Association (New York), to award prizes for two biennial cycles, 2001-02 and 2003-04.

Fall 1997-2000   Executive Board, International School of Theory in the Humanities (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

Dec. 1997 - Present    The Academy of Contemporary Russian Literature, Moscow (Akademiia rossiiskoi sovremennoi slovesnosti, one of the 38 founding life-long members)

2000 - Research Council, the International Department of Philosophy and Ethics, St.-Petersburg Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

 1997-Present Chair, National Society for the Study of Russian Religious Thought (USA)

1989-Present  The Russian Section of the International PEN Club.

1978-Present  The Union of Writers of the USSR (since 1992, the Union of Writers of Russia), literary criticism section.

1982 - 1988  Founder and Chair, the Club of Essayists, Moscow.


1991-Present  Editorial board of the journal Common Knowledge, New York: Oxford University Press.

2000- Present Editorial Council, the philosophical series "Tela mysli"
(Bodies of Thought), Aleteia Press, St.-Petersburg

1996 - Present Managing Editor. SYMPOSION: A
Journal of Russian Thought Los Angeles: Charles Schlacks, Jr., Publisher, University of Southern California.

2000 - coeditor of Veerbudushchnostei: Tekhno-gumanitarnyi vestnik (The Fan of Futures: Techno-Humanistic Messenger), online weekly.

2000-Present Editorial Board of the on-line journal Rhizomes:
Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge and Strange Attractions (Bowling Green University, OH, and Washington State University, WA)

1991-Present Editorial board of the bilingual Russian/English journal Slovo/Word, New York.

1995-Present Professional advisory board of Lost and Found. Perspectives on Brain, Emotions, and Culture, newsletter (Bowling Green, OH)


1991-1994 Modern Language Association (MLA)

1993-Present American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS)

1991-1997 American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL)

1994-Present Society for Russian Religious Philosophy (USA)

1993-1995 International Platform Association.

1998- Present Rossiiskoe filosofskoe obshchestvo (Russian philosophical society).

1991-1996 Reviewer, Fellowship applications for the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Kennan Institute of Advanced Russian Studies, Washington, D.C.

1993-Present Occasional referee, Slavic Review; SEEJ; Duke and Northwestern U. Presses; the National Endowment for the Humanities.

1998 Organizer/Chair, panel "'Neo-Movements' in Contemporary Russian Literature," AAASS, Boca Raton, Sept. 24-27 1998

1997 Organizer/Chair, panel "Russian Avant-Garde and 19th Century Literary Traditions," AAASS, Seattle, Nov. 20.

1995 Chair, panel "Soviet Discursive Strategies in Postmodern Perspective," AAASS, October 1995.

1993 Discussant, national conventions panels: "Russian Culture in Perspective," AAASS, November 1993; "Russian Critical Theory and Postmodernism," AATSEEL, December 1993.

1991 Organizer and Chair, Russian Seminars Program, the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, January-July 1991.

1983-1989 Organizer and Chair of 11 conferences and symposia in Moscow, including: "Death of the Avant-Garde?" Experimental Center of Creativity, 1988; "Synthesis of Science and Art," Central House of Art Workers, 1986; "Metaphor in Poetry and Painting," Moscow House of Artists, 1986.


 1997- 2000       Advisory Board, The Archive of the Jewish Immigrant Culture (New York)

1991-Present Author of more than 50 scripts for the cultural program "Across Barriers," Radio "Liberty" (New York)

1968, 1969, 1985, 1987 Participant, Summer Research Expeditions, Moscow State University. Investigated Russian folklore and Old Believers' culture (Karelian Republic, Arkhangel'skaia oblast', Ukraine, Krasnodarskii krai).