Mikhail N. Epstein  -  SERVICE TO UNIVERSITY

Fall 2000 - Spring 2001  Enhancement of the Institute of Liberal Arts Mission and Profile Committee (co-chaired by Dean of College and Dean of Graduate School)

Spring 1998 - Spring 2001 Co-chair of the Gustafson Faculty Interdisciplinary Seminar ("The Fate of Disciplines and the Idea of the University" and other topics)

Spring 1997, 1999-2002  Emory College Admissions and Scholarships Committee

Fall 1999 - Spring 2001  Digital Future Seminar (co-chaired by Chancellor and Dean of College)

1998 - 1999 Executive Committee of Comparative Literature

1998 Admissions Committee of Comparative Literature

Spring 1997 Faculty Seminar "Questions of Evidence: Proof, Practice, and Persuasion across the Disciplines"

Fall 1993-Present The Program in Comparative Literature, Dept. represent.

Spring 1994 - Present   Associate Faculty in Comparative Literature

Spring 1995 - Present M.A. Program in Jewish Studies, Affiliated Faculty

Fall 1991 - Spring 1995 The Literature Program Committee

Fall 1993-Present  Center for Language, Literature, and Culture

1993 - Present   Nine Committees on Ph. D. Dissertation and Exams (CompLit, ILA). Co-Director of four Ph.D. Dissertations.

Fall 1993-Spring 1994   Emory College Freshman Seminar Steering Committee; prepared materials and guidelines for Freshman Seminar Guidebook, 1994

1993, 1994  Freshman Advisor/Seminar Leader

Fall 1990 - Present  Core faculty member of the Center for Russian and East European Studies (REES, former SEES)

Spring 1995-Spring 1998 Chair, Editorial Committee, Students' Publications in REES Newsletter

1999, 2000 Organizer,  Evenings of Russian Poetry  (Pushkin, Blok)

Fall 1992-Spring 1996 REES film Committee


Fall 1999-Spring 2001 Search Committee for Senior Position (chair)

1998-2000  Publications/Website/Alumni Contact Committee (chair)
Developed Russian Program web site: http://www.emory.edu/REALC/

Spring 1996 - Present  Russian Certificate Program for CompLit

Fall 1997 - Present  Graduate Curriculum Development (chair)

Fall 1999- Spring 2000 Faculty Merit Assessment committee (chair)
Fall 1995-Present   Dobro Slovo, the National Slavic Honor Society (chair)
Fall 1996 - Present   Honors Program (advisor)

Fall 1998-Spring 2000 Undergraduate Advisor, Russian Language and Culture Major

1994-5, 1999-2000 Mellon Fellow and other Search Committees