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Press Coverage

A group of current and former member of Living Links, headed by Josh Plotnik conduct elephant research with the help of middle schoolers. Learn more at Think Elephants International.

Sarah Brosnan, a former member of Living Links and a frequent collaborator, discusses inequity aversion in capuchin monkeys on NPR.

Frans de Waal discusses empathy with Bloggingheads.tv.

Frans de Waal discusses empathy and his latest book, The Age of Empathy.

Frans de Waal interview with American University Radio (September, 2009) - Read the interview or listen with Real Player.

On the Road with Homo sapiens - Chimpanzee Gestural Communication
Featuring Amy Pollick

Frans De Waal Says Primates Can Teach Us A Great Deal About The Origins Of Justice, Power And Morality. From Big Think.

Does evolution explain human nature? Conversations from leading scientists, including Frans de Waal.

Saturday Morning with Kim Hill (New Zealand, 14mb download). An interview with Frans de Waal from Radio New Zealand.

Why would a chimpanzee attack a human? An interview with Frans de Waal from Scientific American discussing the recent incident involving a chimpanzee as well as why wild animals do not make good pets.

Free the Chimps! An interview with Frans de Waal from Salon discussing what we can learn from other primates.

Study of primate aggression helps explain human behavior. A video interview with Frans de Waal from KSL-TV.

Butts, Faces Help Chimps Identify Friends. National Georaphic News covers the recent article by Jen Pokorny and Frans de Waal about chimpanzees capacity to remember a whole individual.

Chimps never forget a bum. The New Scientist covers a recent article by Jen Pokorny and Frans de Waal about chimpanzees capacity to remember a whole individual.

A recent study suggesting that capuchin monkeys enjoy sharing is covered by the Associated Press and Reuters. Click here to see a video clip of the capuchins in this study sharing.

Frans de Waal is interviewed by Richard Dawkins for the TV special "On the Origin of Species." View the clip here.

Frans de Waal answers questions from the public for the New York Times Freakonomics blog.

Frans de Waal is elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Read the press release here.

What presidential candidates -- and the rest of us -- can learn from chimps. An article from MinnPost.com discussing Frans de Waal's work.

Storming the Language Barrier (pdf). Frans de Waal reviews the new book "The Simian Tongue" for the journal Nature.

Science Says War Is Over Now (Given the Right Conditions). Frans de Waal discusses the conditions for ending wars in Discover Magazine.

Can Apes Save Hillary? Frans de Waal gives his perspective on what Hillary Clinton could learn from apes in the New Scientist.

Victoria Horner is featured on the Today Show to promote the new NOVA special "Ape Genius." View the Today Show video clip here (February, 2008 - 18mb download).

The Living Links Center is mentioned in conjunction with National Geographic's feature on Animal Minds. Georgia is featured in the photograph. View the coverage here.

See Frans de Waal on the Colbert Report (January, 2008 - 22mb download)

Coverage of the recent PNAS article on inequity in monkeys from Live Science and New Scientist.

How We Communicate: Gestures May Come From Chimps. ABC news coverage of Amy Pollick's gesture study. See the Good Morning America video clip here.

A World of Eloquence in an Upturned Palm. A New York TImes article focusing on the recent gesture study by Amy Pollick and Frans de Waal.

The Language of Hands. A New York TImes article on gesturing featuring Amy Pollick and Frans de Waal.

Bonobos and Paula Jones. A response to a recent New Yorker article on bonobos by Frans de Waal.

Do Chimps Have Culture? - The Scientist. An article focusing on the culture studies of the Living Links Center.

Looking at Flipper, Seeing Ourselves - New York Times Op-Ed. A piece in defense of dolphin intelligence by Frans de Waal.

Virtuous Species: The Biological Origins of Human Morality. An interview with Frans de Waal from Science and Spirit.

See the new climbing structure in one of our chimpanzee enclosures.




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