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Mission & Vision

The Office of Multicultural Programs & Services facilitates the creation of an affirming and equitable community of care while supporting and engaging in the development of students of all racial identities.

The Office of Multicultural Programs & Services is a model of inclusion and cultural humility that empowers students.

Core Values

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  • Community Building: We believe in the creation of a community of care built on equity and justice in which all members feel valued and recognize the value of others.
  • Identity Affirmation: We believe that identity development is a multifaceted process that occurs in unique manners and should be supported, honored, and validated.
  • Cross-Cultural Engagement: We believe that individuals benefit greatly from the sharing of knowledge, perceptions, and experiences when done in a respectful, genuine manner.
  • Cultural Humility: We believe in the development of compassionate, community-based relationships that recognize the authority and wisdom of each individual to author his/her/hir reality while incorporating self-reflection, self-critique, and openness to new ideas.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is a living document and subject to change based on institutional needs. Click here to download the Strategic Plan as a pdf.


Dana Toy Class of 2012

What I love most about the office are the staff and programs. At OMPS, I know I will always find great people—students and staff alike.