About Us


The Office of Multicultural Programs & Services is committed to providing programs and services that encourage the holistic development of students, particularly students of color, and affirm identity through advocacy, outreach, and advising.  We build an inclusive, equitable, culturally competent community so students will excel and contribute to our multicultural society.

Our vision is to be a model of inclusion and cultural competency which empowers students to succeed, to share learning experiences through inter-cultural dialogue, and build collaborative relationships in a vibrant, socially just, diverse university community.

Student Demographic Information

Student Demographic Data – Race/Ethnicity (Fall 2011)

American Indian – 0.3%
Asian – 32.4%
Black – 10.4%
Hispanic – 5.1%
Multi-Racial – 1.5%
Unknown – 8.6%
White – 41.8% 

Class of 2017 demographic information available here.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is a living document and subject to change based on institutional needs. Click here to download the Strategic Plan as a pdf.

Dana Toy Class of 2012

What I love most about the office are the staff and programs. At OMPS, I know I will always find great people—students and staff alike.