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Centro Latino at Emory


(Located in the Dobbs University Center, West Wing, Second Floor)

Mission Statement

As an inclusive setting, the Centro Latino fosters a community of united, critical thinking, and socially conscious Latin@/Hispanic leaders at Emory University. The diverse cultural heritage, history, and traditions of Latin@s/Hispanics will be celebrated, explored, and affirmed by the entire Emory community in this welcoming space. In partnership with individuals and organizations, the Centro Latino will provide inclusion for the Emory community and support the intellectual, personal, leadership and social development of the Latin@/Hispanic community at Emory. 

Vision Statement

The Centro Latino shall operate as a center to develop innovative thought regarding the Latin@/Hispanic community and the community at large. We expect to use the understanding of our culture, history, and traditions to become the unifying force amongst a multitude of identities at Emory University and throughout the world.

Core Values

  • Affirmation & Unity: The Centro Latino is the affirming heart of Latin@/Hispanic community and culture at Emory. It facilitates communication and connection among individuals and organizations to establish a sense of familial belonging around shared heritage and identities. 
  • Diversity & Inclusion: The backgrounds, traditions, identities, and cultures of the Latin@/Hispanic community are celebrated in the Centro Latino. These distinctions and intersections add to the richness of the collective experience at Emory and around the world, which can create unprecedented positive change. In generating inclusion within the Latin@/Hispanic community and amongst the Emory public, we support and welcome the array of identities across class, racial identity, ethnic identity, religion, citizenship, multi/monolingual, continuing generations, sexual orientation, ability, gender identity, gender expression, and nationality among many others.  
  • Support: The Centro Latino provides connections to resources to support physical, emotional, and mental health; stimulate intellectual curiosity; maximize leadership potential; and cultivate social maturity and cultural humility.