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Frequently Asked Questions

General Crossroads Information:

When is Crossroads?

Crossroads 1: Thursday August 22 - Saturday August 24, 2013. (Students will be back on campus in time for orientation.)

Crossroads 2: Friday October 11 - Sunday October 13, 2013 (during Fall Break).

Who can attend Crossroads?

All first-year students of Emory's Class of 2017 can attend Crossroads 1 or 2. Oxford first-year students may attend Crossroads 2.

Why should I apply?

Crossroads is an experience that many students on campus wish they had because everyone who does it, loves it! It is an opportunity for you to network and get to know many people before you get to campus. We're sure you will form some of your closest bonds at Crossroads, and you will interact with people who are culturally different from yourself. This will broaden your horizon and allows you to learn more about others and yourself while enjoying the experience of a lifetime!

When do I apply?

Registration for Crossroads is now open. Click here for the application.

When is the application due?

All applications for Crossroads 1, including the $40 registration fee, are due August 9. Please turn in all application materials to the Office of Multicultural Programs & Services, located in the DUC, Suite 207E.

How much is the retreat?

The registration fee is $40.

Do I need to bring money to the retreat?

No. The registration fee takes care of living expenses, lodging, food, etc.

I sent in all of my application materials. How do I know that they were received?

We will email you when we receive all of your application materials. If you are missing any information, or if we have only received one part of your application (either the form or fee), we will notify you asking for that missing information.

When do I find out if I'm accepted?

All applicants will be e-mailed promptly. If you applied and didn't hear back yet, please call the office at 404.727.6754.

Where will the retreat be held?

The retreat will be held at the Rock Eagle 4-H in Eatonton, GA. Click here to visit their website.

What is the housing situation like at the retreat?

Housing at the retreat consists of several (8-10) bunks to a room, with multiple shower & toilet stalls in each room.

What should I bring to the retreat?

-Casual, athletic, or old clothes

-Old tennis/athletic shoes

-Hygiene essentials (toothbrush, shampoo, etc.)

-Bug spray



-Duffel bag or small suitcase to hold your belongings

-Pillow & Sheets, or a Sleeping Bag

-Alarm Clock*



What should I NOT bring to the retreat?

Bring electronic devices at own risk, however, none will be necessary. You may also bring your cell phone and use it depending on service available. 

Who will be at the retreat?

Other incoming Emory students, coordinators/facilitators, or Emory students that have previously gone on the retreat, and 2-3 Emory staff/faculty. 

What is the difference between Crossroads and other Emory programs?

Crossroads 1 and 2 focus on team building and community building activities to help students make a smooth transition into Emory life as a first-year student, while preparing them for the academic, social, and extracurricular experiences that they will encounter during college. Crossroads retreats are held two times during a student's first year, and a person may attend as a participant only once during that year.

What will I be doing on the retreat?

Various activities that help promote leadership, build confidence, enhance awareness of others' uniqueness, make new friends, and become a part of a community at Emory University. Be open minded, positive, and flexible. You'll only have one chance to have this experience so make the best of it!

Where do we put our stuff and how will move-in work before and after the Crossroads 1 retreat?

Crossroads 1 participants will have the option to store their belongings in PODS on campus during the retreat. The Crossroads 1 retreat begins on Thursday, August 22nd and your belongings will be stored safely in one of our PODS. We will return to campus in the morning of Saturday, August 24th, in which you will be able to retrieve your belongings in time to move-in and attend orientation events. You will not miss any first-year orientation events.

If I have allergies or any dietary restrictions, will this hinder me from attending?

This will not affect your ability to come to Crossroads. Please just make sure we know what it is that you are allergic to or can not consume so that we can accommodate your needs.

*International Students:
I am an international student. Can I still attend Crossroads?

International students cannot attend Crossroads 1 because Emory's international student orientation is on Thursday, August 23rd. However, you can still attend Crossroads 2 which happens October 11-13 during Fall Break!

I live outside of the U.S. As a result, my mailed application could take 2 weeks or more to get to Emory. How will this affect my chances of going on the retreat?

If you live outside of the U.S., please send all your application materials and the $40 registration fee to the address listed on the application as soon as possible. As long as it is postmarked prior to the deadline, your application will be considered according to the postmark date. (Please note: This only applies to international students.)

It is highly important that you send in all of your application as soon as possible. Do not wait until the application deadline of August 9th to mail in your materials, as it may not be received to our office before acceptances go out mid-August. Also, remember that no application will be considered until the $40 registration fee is received.

I am a parent bringing my child to campus for Crossroads 1. Will there be an event for parents before the retreat begins?

On Thursday, August 22nd, the first day of Crossroads, we will have students around the campus to help direct you to the correct places for parking and storage of your child's belongings. After this, the students will leave for the retreat. They will not return to campus until 10am on Saturday, August 24th.

For parents who plan on staying after their children depart for the retreat, see the following two questions.

I am a parent of a child who will attend Crossroads 1 and I plan to attend Emory's official First-Year Student Orientation.

First-Year Student Orientation and move-in day begins Saturday, August 24th, 2013. All Crossroads 1 participants will be back on campus that morning in time for move-in. Then, you will be able to meet your child on campus and assist them with moving in, attend orientation events, etc.

In addition to attending Emory's official First-Year Student Orientation with my child, I would also like to stay in Atlanta while he/she is on the retreat. Where can I stay?

The Vistor Info page is for you. It lists restaurants, directions, landmarks, shopping and touring areas in Atlanta. For hotels and accommodations, please visit Emory's visiting website here.

My child will be flying to Atlanta for Crossroads 1. Will transportation to the airport be provided by Crossroads?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide transportation from the airport to Emory. However, getting to campus is very simple. For directions to Emory from the airport, as well as information on hotel accommodations and things to do while you are in Atlanta, visit our Visitor Info page.

I have more questions! What do I do?
You can do one of the following: