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Crossroads is a first-year student program that focuses on community building among Emory’s diverse incoming students. The mission of Crossroads is to support first-year students with their transition to Emory by providing opportunities to build meaningful relationships while developing an appreciation for diversity. This is accomplished through Crossroads Direct Circles, Crossroads Retreats, and Crossroads Connect events. These build on the three Pillars of Crossroads: Community, Identity, & Diversity.

The Crossroads Program Schedule can be accessed here.


Crossorads Direct serves as an opportunity for first-year students to meet regularly with a small cohort of peers in Crossroads Direct Circles and have conversations around experiences during their first year. Crossroads Direct Circles meet weekly throughout the fall semester, and each Circle can accomodate up to 10 participants. Registration details about Crossroads Direct will be available soon. 

The Crossroads Retreat utilizes a variety of fun-filled, team building activities that encourage participants to interact, build trust, and form bonds while developing an appreciation for their differences as well as their similarities. OMPS hosts two annual Crossroads Retreats. Crossroads 1 takes place before New Student Orientation in the Fall and Crossroads 2 occurs over Fall Break. Up to 40 applicants are invited to participate on each retreat. International students are encouraged to apply for the Crossroads 2 as Crossroads 1 conflicts with International Student Orientation. 

crossroads retreat

Crossroads Connect provides opportunities for first-year students to start or continue their involvement with OMPS and the Crossroads Program outside of attending a retreat. Crossroads Connect consists of three events held in the fall semester (September, October, & November). Each event focuses on one of the Pillars of Crossroads and is a wonderful opportunity for first-year students to meet new people while exploring who they are as well as the Emory community.


For more information about Crossroads, please call OMPS or email

Uma Chidambaram Class of 2013

OMPS and the Crossroads program do a tremendous job of encouraging an inclusive and adaptable environment that cultivates the ability to bring out the best in our diverse university and creating a sense of community with people from different backgrounds.