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MORE Mentoring Program

The MORE (Multicultural Outreach and Resources at Emory) Mentoring Program is a remarkable first-year program that targets students of color, but serves all Emory students.  The purpose of MORE is to assist first-year students with their transition and connection to the Emory University community both socially and academically and enhance intercultural relationships while providing opportunities for meaningful cross-cultural engagement. MORE is designed to encourage the holistic development of students and create a more inclusive, culturally humble community at Emory.  The program is a semester-long, intercultural peer mentoring program that engages participants in synergistic relationships to help students succeed at Emory.  Each first-year student (mentee) is paired with an upper-class student (mentor/role model) .  The mentee-mentor pairs are also assigned to a "family" for additional resources and support.  These families get to participate in a variety of programs and activities throughout the semester and have a faculty/staff mentor to encourage them! 

The MORE Program Schedule can be accessed here.


The MORE Families are a group of mentee-mentor pairs that meet regularly to help mentees extend their networks at Emory and to build relationships with individuals whom assist them in reaching their goals. The mentor families allow the participants to work together as a group and serve as an outlet for multiple sources of feedback and support.  Through team building and trust activities students develop an appreciation for others and explore the Emory and Atlanta community together. 


2014 | MORE Family of the Year: Dark Knights

MORE Family of Year

For more information about MORE, please call OMPS or email

Sydney Blount Emory Alumni

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the program all four years of college because I believe in MORE's message, all that it can offer students from every background, and above all it provided me with more laughs and fun times than I can remember.