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MORE Faculty/Staff Mentor

Dear Distinguished Faculty/Staff:

The MORE Mentoring Program cordially invites faculty/staff to consider a Group and/or Individual Mentor opportunity!

MORE is a fall semester program that assists students as they navigate the social and academic sphere of Emory's campus.

As we continue to build on a robust MORE (Multicultural Outreach and Resources at Emory) Mentoring Program, we understand the integral role faculty/staff plays in the success of our students.  As a result, we are looking to partner with faculty/staff members to assist in providing leadership, expertise, knowledge, and time to ensure that our diverse population of students are successful and retained at Emory.  Faculty interaction has been critical in student retention and we hope you will be apart of this exciting opportunity and become a mentor!

The Role of MORE Faculty/Staff Mentors

As a Group Mentor, faculty/staff interact with mentor-mentee families based on small group interactions.  Faculty get to participate in monthly discussions, dinners, workshops etc.  During these structured opportunites, faculty/staff can provide insight to the current realities of college life and introduce students to various leadership skills. 


  • Attend a monthly Wednesday evening dinner from 7:00 PM- 8:00 PM on  9/10, 10/8, 11/12
  • Lead a discussion during the dinner. Discussion topics can be self-selected and include, but not limited to, achieving academic success, preventing academic burnout, success in the classroom, maximize office hours etc.
  • Commit to mentoring for the entire fall semester.
  • Build intentional relationships with our students.
  • Attend MORE events as available, which may consist of on-campus and off-campus opportunities.

As an Individual Mentor, faculty/staff interact with one to three mentees based on one-on-one personalized interactions.  Faculty get to set their own schedule with assigned mentee(s).  During these opportunites faculty/staff can provide individualized care for their mentee(s) and be an influential role model. 


  • Receive one to three mentee(s).
  • Meet with assigned mentee(s) at least twice a month. Meeting more frequently is highly encouraged.
  • Create your own schedule with your assigned mentee(s).
  • Meetings may consist of office visits, lunches, coffee dates, etc.  Find out the interest of your mentee and what they are comfortable with.
  • Submit Monthly Contact Log by the end of the month.
  • Commit to mentoring for the entire fall semester.
  • Build intentional and meaningful relationships with your mentee(s).


If interested in serving as a MORE Faculty/Staff mentor please complete the application below. If you have any questions, please email