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The Office of Multicultural Programs and Services’ (OMPS) encourages students and student organizations to actively support the programs and initiatives of their peers and peer student organizations through collaboration.  OMPS emphasises collaboration as a means to build community by interacting with other diverse groups on a more meaningful level.  This not only helps create critical mass to be eligible for more funding from College Council and other campus funding sources, but allows for impactful dialogue on issues of concern while sharing the attainment of common goals through teamwork.  Intentional cross-cultural interaction helps to realize the following objectives as well:

- Fosters diversity education.
- Cultivates cultural awareness.
- Encourages avenues for cross-cultural dialogue and interaction.

The goal of OMPS is to build student multicultural competencies by helping to create real opportunities for intentional interaction across cultural, ethnic, and racial lines, thereby challenging biases, and cultivating awareness of our sililarities while appreciating our differences.  These intentional working relationships will help prepare our students for whatever work environments their careers may take them.