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NMR Spectroscopy Short Course 2013

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 Short Course Home Work will be posted here.

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Each Student has to prepare an "Unknown" NMR sample for the class.

"Unknow sample preparation Requirement:

1. > 50 mg in 0.75 ml CDCl3 or DMSO_D6 or D2O.

2. Use an new and clean NMR tube for 600MHz instrument (Available in our stockroom)

3. The molecule should have at least 10 carbons with CH, CH2, CH3, CO.

4. Write down the molecular formula and structure of your "Unknow" sample on a piece of paper with your name on it. You should keep a copy for yourself. Do not tell the structure to any one in the class. Someone will use NMR to find out the structure for you.

5. Submit the sample and formula before the class start.




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