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This website provides information about research, teaching, maintainance, technology development, software , hardware of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), as well as my interests in different areas. All information on this site is base on my own knowledge and experimence. It may not apply on your area, but welcome to make comments and suggestions. Some of materials are subject to copyright. No part of the materials in this site may be reproduced in any form or by any means.

How NMR Works ------ For Review



NMR Research Center at Emory

The NMR Research Center houses nine high resolution Super Conductor-based NMR spectrometers (INOVA 600, UNITY Plus 600, AVANCE 600 WB SSNMR, INOVA 400, UNITY Plus400, two Mercury 300 and two VNMRS 400). There are about 150 authorized routine users from Chemistry, biology, medical school, VA hospital, CDC, Georgia Tech. Spelman College, Oxford College, Neurop Inc. Emory Hospital etc.. Total capital of NMRs is 4.5 Millions from NIH, NSF, Georgia Research Fundation, Emory and private contributions.

The NMR Center is capable of performing most routine experiments and Multidimensional NMR experiments such as COSY, NOESY, HMQC, HMBC etc. as well as observe heteronuclei such as 15N, 19F, 31P, 183W, 29Si, 51V, 27Al, 2H, 11B etc. The instruments are capable of collecting data of interest nuclei at temperatures from -100 oC to 150 oC. Also we are able to develope special NMR experiments for researchers.

The NMR Center has one delicated solid state NMR (Bruker AVANCE 600 WB). It is capable of performing most solid state NMR experiments such as HRMAS, CRAMPS, CPMAS and REDOR, as well as HRMAS experiments on tissues, polymers and cells etc.

NMR ResearchOver the last two decades we have witnessed a substaintial increase in the range and power of NMR applications, which allow chemists to gain an order magnitude more information than that provided by standard or traditional NMR experiments. Four developments were necessary for this revolutionary change. Hardware, software, magnet and probe technology. In our center, we are focusing on the new experiments development and application on different area, such as HRMAS on cancer tissue andbiomaterials, Natural product structure elucidation, extrem temperature controlled experiments etc.

NMR Course The NMR course is offered once a year for graduate students and post doctors who are currently using NMR as a tool in their research. The course provides a basic training on the hardware and softwere, as well as experiment setup techniques and data processing. It is a week-long course, lecture in the morning, hands-on experiments in the afternoon. The course fee is required. All the book and manuals are included.

1D and 2D NMR Experiment Methods

NMR Technology Development Develope new NMR techniques and applications for our users is major object in our NMR center. Develope new NMR hardware to improve sensitivity and reduce the usage time.

NMR Trouble shooting Three major parts: RF channels and Digital control units and probes. For the part one, We could use TDS osciloscope and few attenuators to check the RF pulse path and FID returns. The best starting point: PTS, probe out put, Amplifier input/output, and attenuator output. For the part two, we could start with the software, if some hardware cannot be controlled, then swap borads and reboot. For the probes, we could check it by using Network analyzer. Tunning frequencies, Q values etc.

NMR User Training and Authorization We have set up a policy for user training. Everone who wants to use our facility, no exception, has to have train with our NMR service instructor. We have formalized training procedure and checkout procedure. If you have no knowledge of NMR, you are still able to sigh up for training. After training, you have to check out within one month.

Link: for YongChao/Liu Shan

NMR User Relations and Collaborations We are willing to help anyone is interested in using NMR as a tool in their research, production, quality control, criminal case, medical device. Also we are very interested in collaborate with anyone who is going to use NMR in their research.

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