Bruker Avance III 400 MHz NMR


System Information

Repair Note:

5/9/14: problem reported: errot message: in BSMS control:: push Parameters: lock : Key is not valid. cannot run NMR.

turn off the coputer and comsole for 5 minutes.

1. power on the computer, after boot up login as shaoxiong then wait for 2 minutes

2. power on console, power on the autosampler for at least 5 minutes.

3. click topspin and then load a old dataset. type ii restart

4. reload the probe file as instructed: edhead, choose the secondone

5. ii to clear all the errot message.

6. rsh to load the shim file.

7. lock, spin, tune, shim and zg it shold work.


Here are something could help:

cf , do not modify anything, just click next and next to see any error message.

also type ha to check the connection.

Press the red button at the back of the conolse to switch from 4 to 98. 98 is the operational code.






Bruker 400 software Note

Linus and topspin 3.2