Mercury300 repair note:10/23/2009

Problem: After overnight run, there is a beeping sound from the console. The second green light on the Junction board is off. That is indicate the power supply of the digital cage has problem.

1. Oper the console. use volt meter to check the FYG131/52G power supply unit, located behinde the digital cage and it is mounted on the side of RF unit. There are three screws. Make sure label all rebin cable before you remove them.

2. Use volta meter measure the voltage input. It should be 120VAC.

3. Mesure the output on the top of the unit. it should be +5VDC +5VDC against the black wires. also the oringe wire should be +12VDC and the yellow wire should be -12VDC against the small black wires.

For this repair, there is no output at all.

The replacemnt: Varian part number: X7859040500 $367.40.

Also it could be ordered from: Equipment Management Inc. It is about $120 for refurbished unit. However, the connectors have be modified. The output and input of the unit from them are pins, rather than screw on.

Note:Note: the outputs is +5VDC. +7.04VDC and -4.7VDC, rather than +12VDC and -12VDC, before it connects to digital cage (load). After connected, it will be correct voltage.


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