Linux5.3and VNMRJ 2.3A installation on DELL T3500


Loading VnmrJ on Dell Precision T3500
under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3
Shaoxiong Wu  Updated 3/23/2012

Objective: install  RHEL Linux 5.3 and VNMRJ2.3A on a Blank DELL T3500 computer.

Software Requirement:
RHEL Linux 5.3 -----     You can download from the website and make a bootable DVD.  Buy onlineàDesktop Operating Systems àSelect Self-support subscription $179. ------ Downloads àDownloads—login (…/…) à select Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (v. 5 for 64-bit x86_64) ---- go down the page click view ISO images for Old Releases à find the following link: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 Client (AMD64/Intel EM64T)  à download the file Binary DVD (client Core/Workstation/virtualization) 4254MB. After download, unzip the file and then write a DVD. (note: directly write the iso file on the DVD will not work). On the DVD you should see lots of files, rather than one file (ISO).

VNMRJ Patches and VNMRJ2.3A CD


Install RHEL Linux 5.3:

  •  Turn on computer, even no OS installed, insert the RHEL 5.3 DVD. Press the power button for few seconds, turn it off and then turn it on again. It should be boot on the DVD. If not, you have set the computer to boot on DVD first.
  • There are few lines on the screen. Select To install or Upgrade in Graphical mode. Or leave it for several second, it will automatically start.
  • Skip the media test, by use arrow keys, then press return
  • When it comes the screen comes back, click Next on the low right cornor.
  • Select English. Then click next.
  • Select the appropriate keyboard for the system: U.S. English then NEXT.
  • It will ask installation Number:  it should come with the Linux. 16 of them. If you don’t have one, then you can select: Skip entering installation Number, you may enter later. Then click OK.
  • On the next screen: select Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client, then click Next.
  • Use the default partition for the installation. Sda 238473 Mb ATA ST3250312AS. Then NEXT.
  • Click yes, to remove old data or partition if there are any.
  • Network devices: there are two Ethernet cards installed: eth0 and eth1, leave it for automatically via DHCP. We can change the later. NEXT.
  • Time settings: Eastern Time and system clock uses UTC. NEXT.
  • Root password:mo. NEXT
  • Select all: Multimedia; Office; and Software Development. NEXT
  • Checking dependencies ……….. NEXT. For installation. 40 minutes.

Congratulations, the installation is complete. Remove the DVD and then reboot.

******after bootup****

  • Click forward. Accept the license agreement.
  • Disable the firewall option
  • Disable the SeLink
  • Forward the Kdump (don’t check the box)
  • Set the time
  • Software update --- forward
  • Username swu   …
  • Sound card==== forward
  • Additional CD ---- finish   ------ reboot system to take effect.

After login, check internet if it is working. If works, download the following files from Varian or Agilent web site:


Install  VnmrJLinuxSupport.tbz2

  • cp /home/swu/Desktop/ VnmrJLinuxSupport.tbz2 /tmp --------copy the file into the folder /tmp
  • cd /tmp      #tar –xjf VnmrJLinuxSupport.tbz2
  • Insert the RHEL5.3 DVD into the DVD drive.
  • cd /tmp/preinstall
  • #./installpkgs when the DVD is ready, press the return key.----- this message will be displayed on the screen. It takes  about 2-3 minutes.
  • Eject the DVD. (there is a DVD icon on the Desktop, use the mouse and hold the right bottom and select eject).

Install VNMRJ 2.3A

  • Insert the VNMRJ 2.3A disk
  • Open a terminal and login as root
  • Umount /dev/c drom
  • Mkdir - /media/vnmrj
  • Mount /dev/cdrom /media/vnmrj
  • Cd /media/vnmrj
  • #./load.nmr
  • There are two systems to select: Varian NMR system and Varian 400MR. Select the NMR system for our400. ----- check all at the up section.   Default /home/vnmrj_2.3A   vnmr1 nmr ----- click install.  It takes about 2 -3 minutes.
  • After “done”, type cd / to back to root and then type eject. Otherwise it will be “busy”

Install Patch:  2.3AallLNXall107

  • Login as vnmr1 (must be)
  • Cd /vnmr/bin
  • $./patchinstall  /home/vnmr1/Desktop/2.3AallLNXall107.tar.Z   ---- about 2 minutes.
  • Don’t run setacq yet.
  • In the terminal: type cd /vnmr/bin  then sudoins. Exit the root.
  • You can start the vnmrJ.

***********to be continue as a host computer******************





Varian Software Update 9/9/2008 rem Ipsum

Current Varian deliver Dell T3500 for VNMRS system

with VNMRJ 3.1A on Linux ws5.

SUN Blade 1500 with Solaris 8 or 9 works with Mercury Plus with VNMRJ 1.1D, patches


Agilent NMR site Link: