Connect Sun station to a PC for NMR data transfer


If there is no network connection in the NMR lab. it is very hard to download NMR data to a PC. We can use a router to connect the SUN and PC by RJ45 cable.

then Use FTP to get the data from the SUN to a PC.

  • Computer software:
  • CrossFTP, can be downloaded from Emory website.
  • Sun Solaris 8 or 9
  • NMR  VNMRJ 2.3A, 2.1B, 1.1D and VNMR6.1C.
  • Computer Harware:
  • Dell Precision 380 with two Ethernet cards (eth0 and eth1)
  • Sun Microsystem Blade 150, Blade 1500, Ultr 10 with two Ethernet cards.
  • Router CentrCOM MR820TR


1. Connect the SUN and PC through the router. power on.

2. on the Sun: edit the hosts file. then reboot

3. on the PC: edit the internet connect: set it manual IP, edit the IP address and, then reboot the PC.

4. test the connectio: open the command, type pint too see if it can talk to the SUN.

5. If yes, on the command line, you can type: telnet to login to the SUN. ----- You can reboot the SUN from PC.

6. Open the CrossFTP, set the parameters to connect the SUN.